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Google Marketing Live, the annual event to introduce new ads and analytics products happens in San Francisco next Tuesday. Yesterday, Google Ads lifted the lid a bit with some early announcements around Local campaigns and the Google Ads app. If you were wondering how hopped up Google is on RSAs, here’s a hint: it’s the first ad format that you’ll be able to create and edit in the Google Ads app.

The significant focus on local ads continues with new Google Maps inventory opening up for Local campaigns, the automated campaign type originally designed to drive foot traffic into stores. Along with new spots in Maps, Local campaigns will soon support other local business goals beyond store visits such as getting directions. Thus the relevance of more Maps inventory.

Starting in August, Google will weigh recent app reviews more heavily when it comes to app rankings in Play store. Those ratings also show up in Google search results. How much of a role ratings play in the ranking calculations isn’t known, but app marketers will no longer be able to rest on the praises given to earlier versions of their apps.  

Reporting woes continue…. Turns out Google’s note from May 3 (in red, no less) that “All other data is now accurate” wasn’t quite accurate. Google has confirmed that store visits and store sales reporting data is inaccurate as a result of the reporting bug discovered May 2. That data is incorrect from April 28 onward. Other reporting data for May 1 and the early hours of May 2 are still not fixed.

Podcasts are now showing up in Google search results and can be played right from Google Podcasts. There is markup designed specifically for podcasts to help Google discover your podcast content.

On a positive note, there’s lots more to read below, including a look ahead to attribution discussions that will happen at SMX Advanced next month, more on that new evergreen Googlebot and other good info.

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Pro Tip

Back to basics: What’s remarketing?

“Remarketing campaigns allow you to continually engage with people who have visited your website, but didn’t make a purchase. Through targeted pay-per-click ads, you can make sure your brand is front and center at relevant places throughout the internet, reminding the user of their interaction with you and encouraging them to revisit and make a purchase,” explains Kenneth Andrew of Microsoft.

“Mirroring traditional PPC marketing, these ads don’t cost you anything until someone clicks on them, and are an effective way to drive sales by reconnecting with those who have already shown an interest in your business. Research found the average cart abandonment rate to be 78.65 percent in 2017. There is huge potential to target these customers and guide them back towards your small business using a remarketing campaign.”

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Who’s Minding the Digital Store? How to align teams when technology is in charge - May 16

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SMX Update

Cracking attribution in a cross-channel, cross-device world

Attribution is a messy business even when your ads run only on a single platform. When your ads appear on multiple devices multiple times, how can you be confident that each touch point gets appropriate credit? Investing in attribution is about more than just budgets and bidding… it’s also about gaining a better view of how channels and campaigns make an impact and how those efforts work together (or don’t…) throughout the customer journey.

At SMX Advanced, Simon Poulton and Nicola Smith will share strategies and tactics that will help you make sense of your campaigns during Cracking Attribution In A Cross-Channel, Cross-Device World. You’ll learn about advanced-level approaches that can come from integrating your data and hear the pros and cons of certain attribution tools and platforms, and of course, they’ll share attribution success stories.

Both Nicola and Simon will also participate in Overtime, where they’ll be available to personally answer any and all questions you may have. Check out the full SMX Advanced agenda and register now.

Search Shorts

GoogleBot, SEO contests and the cache.

Evergreen GoogleBot. As you know from our newsletter from the other day, Google launched the evergreen GoogleBot. There are some small tidbits that advanced SEOs may have missed, which you can read over here.

SEO Contests are pewey.  John Mueller from Google calls SEO contests useless and a big waste of time, while adding they generate tons of spam and negatively affects the ecosystem.  Whoa – maybe John didn’t win many contests as a kid?

Cache results. Again, Google’s John Mueller says stop it with the cache page and spend your time looking at the URL inspection tool.

Meet up. Hey, Barry Schwartz will be at SMX London in a couple weeks. If you want to meet up the night of the 21st, sign up here.

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