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It’s earnings season, which means we’ll be breaking down the numbers to make sense of the stats that matter to marketers. Last week, Microsoft was up. Microsoft’s revenue per search continues to improve, according to the company, but volume is still its Achilles’ heel. Overall, the company reported better-than-expected earnings in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, which ended June 30. Yet, the sectors that affect digital marketers most — search advertising and LinkedIn — have seen slowing revenue growth. Search advertising grew just 9% last quarter, marking the third quarter of declining revenue growth. CFO Amy Hood said search advertising grew slower than expected due to lower volume. 

That said, Google has also reported slowing ad revenue growth over the past several quarters, and we’ll see what it reports next week. Microsoft Advertising rebranded from Bing Ads during the quarter and has rolled out several new capabilities that demonstrate its focus on moving beyond just being a “fast follower” of Google to offer advertisers unique solutions and features

If you’re a novice at JavaScript and want to better understand how it affects your SEO, Google has a new JavaScript SEO Basics section in its Search developer’s guide that includes an overview of how Googlebot processes JavaScript. In May, Search Engine Land’s Editor-At-Large Detlef Johnson wrote about Googlebot’s new ability to render and index client-side AJAX-style JavaScript POST requests and noted some things to keep in mind, including that those requests can count against your crawl budget

Read on for a Pro Tip on handling less-than-helpful UGC and more. 

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Pro Tip

When bad user-generated content happens to good businesses

“Businesses on platforms such as Google My Business are facing problems that are getting more pressing by the day,” explains Adam Dorfman of Reputation. “I suggest that businesses monitor your most important platforms and create a triage for how you’ll handle questionable UGC content. I’d suggest in this order: 1) reviews because they have the biggest impact on your reputation; 2) photos because of their increased importance in search visibility; and 3) Q&A content. And I’d place your GMB page higher on the priority list of platforms to monitor given it’s the most critical ranking signal for local search.”

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Search Marketing Benchmark Report - SaaS Edition

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The marketing and analytics teams at Directive constructed this comprehensive benchmark report including statistics from our 40+ SaaS clients. This report is designed to provide you with benchmark figures from search marketing efforts and how they can relate back to your department.

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Search Shorts

More Google ranking changes and it seems big...

Google ranking changes are big. We are still trying to get a confirmation from Google on this but, according to the chatter and some tools, Google released a pretty big Google search algorithm update on Thursday.

Google Webmaster Conferences kick off. Google has kicked off its Webmaster Conferences in India. One was live streamed and you can watch the recording. Another was exclusively for women.

BERT training. Bing open sourced its data and code for training custom versions of BERT-large models. Check it out.

Green ad labels. If you are seeing the old green ad label for the Google Ads, you are not alone.  Danny Sullivan from Google said while it is almost fully rolled out, there is still some people it has not fully rolled out to but it will be in a few weeks.

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