Good morning, {FirstName}, how are you running SEM A/B tests?

You’ve now got one more option. Advertisers can now run A/B tests on a percentage of your campaign traffic in Microsoft Advertising. Experiments is rolling out now, so keep a lookout for the new tab in the UI. If you’re used to drafts & experiments in Google Ads, this will feel familiar. The set up is very straightforward. Be sure to build adequate time into your testing calendar. Microsoft suggests running an A/A version for a couple of weeks first to ensure you’re test is going to run properly. Once you switch over to the A/B test, you’ll likely want to run it for another two weeks, depending on the volume of ad traffic your campaign typically gets, the percentage of traffic you’ve assigned to the test and the elements you’re testing.

In the latest installment of his video interview series, Search Engine Land contributing editor Barry Schwartz chatted with Rand Fishkin, formerly of Moz and now founder of SparkToro, in Seattle last week. The two SEO old-timers (who are both younger than I am, so I can say that) reminisce about getting started in the SEO community, the days when the engines seemed to have bottomless entertainment budgets and what Rand has learned along the way from starting two companies. Check out part one of Barry’s interview here. Rand will also be keynoting SMX East in NYC this November. 

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Pro Tip

Brand visibility in search results are shifting, are you keeping pace?

“When users search with emojis, adding them to your video titles may result in more organic visibility, even when your video is about what the emoji represents and not the emoji itself,” explains Associate Editor George Nguyen. “Adding them to your website content or social accounts may also increase visibility when emojis are used in search queries, but the results are also likely to contain many emoji-related listings. Additionally, as more companies like Yelp and Postmates offer the ability to conduct in-app searches using emojis, user behavior may begin to shift and first-movers could be at an advantage. Should that shift occur, tactically implementing emojis can position your brand for more visibility and, if it doesn’t, at least you won’t get penalized by Google.”

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Search Shorts

Maps, URLs and pages.

Edit your business in Google Maps iOS App. Google announced on Twitter that you can now edit your business profile in the Google Maps iOS app.

Changing URLs — redirect it. Yes, this is obvious, but it never hurts to be reminded. If you are planning on changing URLs, it is best to redirect them, John Mueller of Google said.

Long pages aren’t good or bad.Long pages aren’t necessarily bad — they’re also not necessarily good,” Mueller said on Twitter. Stop worrying about the length of your content.

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