Good morning, {FirstName}, remember that updated Verizon Media-Microsoft deal? 

It’s had an impact, according to Merkle. Microsoft Advertising’s gain was Google’s loss last quarter. “Yahoo dropping Google’s ads in favor of Bing Product Ads at the end of Q1 appears to have had a meaningful impact,” according to performance agency Merkle’s second quarter report. Among the agency’s clients, which skew large retailer, U.S. spending on Microsoft Advertising shopping ads grew by 54% year over year. Google Shopping spend grew 38%, a deceleration from 41% in the first quarter of 2019. Microsoft took over serving search ad inventory for all of Verizon Media’s properties, including taking Yahoo shopping ads over from Google, in the first quarter as part of a new deal between the two companies. 

But wait, didn’t we report just last week that Microsoft’s search advertising revenue growth slowed again last quarter? Yes, that’s true. Merkle’s report represents a small slice of that revenue — from U.S. advertisers — and goes to show results will vary and averages and big picture numbers don’t always tell a nuanced story. 

A new study from Adobe indicates that nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers are using voice technology for general web searches. And 44% said they use voice technology in some form daily. What’s still holding back broader adoption? Accuracy and privacy concerns were each named as barriers by more than 80% of respondents.

Looking at the future of voice technology, 94% said they want to see voice on more devices and 44% want a touch screen integrated into voice activated devices (i.e., smart speakers), while 37% said they want virtual assistants to have a more human-sounding voice. “This is all good news for the industry and the future of virtual assistants,” said Search Engine Land Contributing Editor Greg Sterling, “But as with many new technologies, it’s taking longer than expected to figure out the user experience and the right business model — especially for smart speakers”

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Pro Tip

Make sure your business pages are claimed and ready for customer reviews

“The first steps toward getting more reviews involve making sure that it’s as easy as possible for customers to leave them,” explains Ronald Dod of Visiture. “One part of this is something you should be doing anyway – making sure you have easy-to-find pages on Google, Facebook and other major review platforms. If a customer can’t easily find your profile, they’ll almost never leave a review. Claim your business listings and ensure you’ve got easily accessible pages on Google My Business, Facebook Business and Yelp.”

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The third-party browser tracking cookie is dead. What’s next?

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The death of third-party tracking cookies is already here! So, should you give up on marketing and pursue your passion for painting cats eating ice cream? A new batch of more effective data sources is almost ready in the oven. Here’s a look at what’s cooking for the future of marketing.

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Webmaster help, URLs and scholars...

Google webmaster hangouts changing.  If you listen live to the Google webmaster hangouts, be warned there is a change coming. YouTube is removing support for Hangouts on air and Google has to move these to GSuite Hangouts Meet — which doesn’t offer viewers the option to watch live

URLs forever. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he’d really recommend keeping the same URLs for the long run.

Google scholar knowledge panels. Google may have a new author-based knowledge panel with scholar data, we’re not sure if this is new.

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