Good morning, GSC testing tools just got more useful.

The new evergreen Googlebot is now being used in many of the testing tools in Google Search Console and Google developer portal. The new Googlebot, which launched three months ago, uses the latest version of Chromium, the rendering engine that’s also used by Chrome. The update to the testing tools means that the results you see in Chrome and what Googlebot sees will match what shows up in the testing tools. If you want to catch up on the Googlebot changes, see our initial coverage and then get the deeper dive from Editor at Large Detlef Johnson.

If you’re not familiar with local SEO veteran Mary Bowling, yet, now’s your chance to get to know her a bit and hear her insights on helping small businesses succeed with SEO. Search Engine Land’s News Editor Barry Schwartz sat down with Mary in the latest installment of his interview series. “I think the more effort you put into feeding that [business information] knowledge to Google, the more reward you’re going to see from Google for that.” She cites the example of an HVAC client. Her team added his brand product line to Google, and said, “We could see within a month that he was starting to get more and more searches, more and more clicks from brand searches.” She also discussed how measurement in local search has evolved. Watch the full interview here

Read on for more. If you’ve got video assets, be sure to read Joe Martinez’ Pro Tip below on creating custom lightbox ads for YouTube campaigns. 

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Pro Tip

Use your video content on YouTube to enhance lightbox ads

“When creating a display campaign with the goal of ‘product and brand consideration,’ you can create custom lightbox ads which are actually pretty fun to build,” explains Joe Martinez of Clix Marketing. “You can customize these lightbox ads with a variety of elements such as images, a retail feed from your merchant center, messages, call-to-action buttons, stylization and videos.

“With a lightbox ad, you pay on a cost-per-engagement bidding strategy. When the ad is visible to the user, they will only see a thumbnail image. The user has to hover their mouse over the ad for a couple of seconds to see the content on the inside. Once the ad opens, then the advertiser will be charged. Any actions that a user takes after they are engaging with your ad are free. In addition to images, having a user engage with my videos and sending them back to my website to me is a more qualified user. They didn’t accidentally click on my display ad. They hovered over it, explored the ad, possibly watched my video content, then clicked to my website. I’d rather remarket to an engaged user first over a page visit audience, and videos can help keep users engaged.”

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Live Webinar: AI and Digital Paid Media: Are PPC Managers Being Replaced?

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Search Shorts

Which ranking factors are the most important?

Search ranking survey.  Rand Fishkin is asking for those in the SEO community to fill out his search ranking factors survey. Please help him and the industry out by filling it out.

Google Twitter carousel gone.  Sometimes your Twitter carousel in Google search can go away. John Mueller from Google said this is normal. 

Exporting links.  Some folks are having issues exporting links from within Google Search Console — you are not alone.

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