Good morning, are podcasts part of your content marketing strategy?

I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a podcast addict (send your recommendations my way). We all know podcasting has become a booming marketing medium in its own right. Google knows it, too, and wants in on the search traffic for podcast content. Yesterday, Google said it will surface playable podcast episodes in the search results based on podcast content, not just titles or metadata. This will also be coming to Google Assistant later this year. We can expect Google to continue building out support for podcast discovery.

Google is having problems indexing new content, again. With this issue, if you try to search for content from a news site and use the filter to only show content published within the past hour, you won’t see any new content from that site. Google had new content indexing problems in May, too. 

Can the new evergreen Googlebot detect client-side JavaScript redirects? It sure can. “We support JavaScript redirects of different types and follow them similar to how we’d follow server-side redirects,” said Google’s John Mueller in the latest episode of #AskGoogleWebmasters. If you missed the news yesterday, the new Googlebot is also being used in Google Search Console’s testing tools, which means they’ll show what your site looks like in the most recent version of Chrome. 

The back-to-school season is underway. Read on for a Pro Tip on getting the most from your search campaigns during this critical shopping season. 

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Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Time is short for back-to-school shopping campaigns

“Prime Day has become the kickoff to the back-to-school season, offering deep discounts for price-conscious parents and students. From there, the seasonal peak continues to arrive early,” explains Steve Costanza of Sidecar. “As the back-to-school season progresses, remember there is less time for a click to convert within this season. That’s because Google Ads attributes orders to the click date, not the transaction date. As always, it’s important to get in front of shoppers when they are figuring out what to buy and from where. Once shoppers have picked a retailer, they are likely to skip the search engine altogether, cutting other advertisers out of the equation entirely.”

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Search Shorts

Googlebot, disavow links and native mobile apps...

Googlebot Chrome 76 soon.  Google’s Martin Splitt said that GoogleBot will be using Chrome 76, the latest version of Chrome, “very soon.”

Disavow links.  Bing reminds us that you can disavow bad links pointing to your site.

PWAs vs native apps.  Google’s John Mueller said native mobile apps have their place but he added I’ve really started to appreciate PWA replacements for many apps.

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