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With the news that Google is extending same-meaning close variants to phrase match and broad match modifier, the company noted it is updating its keyword selection preferences to help keep keywords from competing against each other in certain circumstances. This raised a number of questions about how particular situations will be handled. We’ve aimed to answer them with a look at keyword selection preference scenarios for same-meaning keywords

Largely, same-meaning will take a back seat to the existing keyword selection preferences. That means Google will typically give preference to the keyword that most closely matches the words or phrase used in the query and keep same-meaning keywords from triggering. There are some things to keep in mind, however. Paused keywords and limited campaign budgets can shift same-meaning matching to keywords you may not have intended. If you have different match types of keywords broken out in different ad groups, they will compete with each other on Ad Rank. There may be more to consider, let me know if you have a scenario we’ve overlooked: [email protected]

After a roughly 24-hour period, Google fixed indexing issues that kept fresh content from showing in Search and News results. If your site publishes news or other content daily, you may see a dip in traffic from Google sources on Thursday, August 8. 

Read on for a look at how PPC roles are evolving (expanding) and much more. 

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Pro Tip

Human interaction offers new opportunities in search marketing

“We are now talking about how audiences find brands. After years of polished ad copy and perfect images on social media, PPC expert Mark Irvine suggests that human-to-human conversations are better. Could it be that more authentic communications are on the rise?,” ponders Anders Hjorth of Innovell. “In terms of the work itself, PPCers are not just Google-focused anymore. Everybody is forced to learn a lot of advertising platforms. The skill set requirements are also changing. We have more tools doing the repetitive work and therefore need to concentrate on our added value in terms of creativity and insights.”


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Search Shorts

Google My Business missing store code bug.

Missing store code bug. Many local SEOs are noticing some odd behavior. In Google My Business, it is showing a “missing store code” error for tons of listings. It is a bug, so do not panic.

Hymns. Google doesn’t want to show the same hymns from different sites in search multiple times, says John Mueller of Google.

H1s. It’s not a good idea to wrap all your content on a page in an H1 tag. It just isn’t recommended, says Google’s John Mueller. In fact, most CMS platforms do a good job with semantic meanings in the output of the content.

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