Good morning, {FirstName}, Excel users, rejoice.

VLOOKUPs in Excel are incredibly useful for data analysis — and so, so frustrating if you don’t use them regularly. I could probably take a four-day vacation with the hours I’ve accrued over the years troubleshooting VLOOKUP formulas. Well there’s good news: XLOOKUP. This new formula function is rolling out to Office 365 Insider users now. (You may be eligible to sign up from the Account page under the File menu in Excel.) 

XLOOKUP is designed to address many of the limitations of VLOOKUP. It can search sheets both vertically and horizontally and requires just three inputs: lookup value, lookup array and return array. No more counting out the alphabet to figure out which column number you want to reference or appending FALSE to get exact matches. And those are just two benefits of XLOOKUP versus VLOOKUP. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Maybe it’ll free up some time to get caught up on TV… Yesterday, Google updated the way it presents movies and TV shows in mobile search results. The new interface demonstrates ways in which Google is thinking about personalization — and data collection. Search for something like “good tv shows,” and you’ll see “Top picks for you” with a carousel and option to rate movies and TV shows with a thumbs up or down, giving Google more data about your preferences. That data could be used to inform individual and audience preferences when taken in aggregate. 

Read on for a Pro Tip on creating voice search-friendly content and more. 

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Pro Tip

Understand query types and use everyday language for voice search

“As virtual assistants get smarter with every voice search, queries are becoming more conversational in nature. It’s a good idea to keep your sentences relatively short and not go out of control with your vocabulary,” explains Kristopher Jones of LSEO. “People use voice search like they talk in everyday life, so go for ‘reliable’ over ‘steadfast.’ Also note, a query beginning with ‘what’ shows someone who is looking for information, while a person with a ‘where’ query is probably closer to acting on their intent. Use this information to your advantage when generating content for voice searches.”

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How to become a professional digital marketer (or become an even better one)

In this fast-growing era, digital marketers are expected to be skilled in a variety of areas, including analytics, creative direction, sales, digital media and more. Here’s how to keep your skills sharp and gain new ones.

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Search Shorts

Google search algorithm update may be rolling out?

Google Search algorithm update chatter. We are seeing chatter within the SEO community, as well as from some tracking tools. All are showing signs of a Google search algorithm update. This is currently unconfirmed by Google. 

Distance-based businesses in GMB. Google announced that the remaining distance-based service area businesses will be given a nearby area name instead

Google recrawls at different rates. John Mueller from Google said, “We don’t recrawl all sites & parts of sites equally quickly, so sometimes we can get to most URLs within a few days, other times it takes a few months.”

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