Good morning, are you embracing or ignoring the change?

As SEOs considered the potential impact of the nofollow changes announced yesterday, Google’s Gary Illyes and Danny Sullivan, authors of the announcement, responded to questions and tried to calm concerns. Some SEOs remain skeptical. Our take is still that this is a change to take in stride. For your own sites, there is no urgent action to take. If you have sponsored content or UGC such as comments on your site and are properly using nofollow for those links, you may consider using the new sponsored and UGC attributes, but it’s not required. Regardless of which attribute you use, it will be treated as a “hint” rather than ignored. 

If you’re using manual CPC bidding in Google Ads, there is a new option available if you opt into eCPC. You now have the choice of optimizing for conversions or conversion value. The addition of conversion value follows the roll out of maximize for conversion value smart bidding option in search campaigns a couple of weeks ago. If value is a truer representation of success for your campaigns than the quantity of conversions, you might consider testing it out. 

With the holiday shopping season approaching, e-commerce folks are busy optimizing their systems. Internal search can play a big role in keeping customers engaged and converting on your site. Internal site search firm Lucidworks launched Product Merchandiser, a feature designed to let e-commerce brand marketers optimize internal site search relevancy without having to rely on IT. A rule manager lets you apply rules to pin, boost, bury and hide specific products from appearing for a search term or on a category page.

Read on for a Pro Tip on SEO for multiple domains and more. 

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Pro Tip

Don’t let multiple domains weaken your brand

“Universities that don’t use SEO best practices are turning away tens of thousands of free clicks each month, including queries from potential students who are much higher up in the funnel,” explains Ryan Johnson of Critical Mass. “There are ways universities can target their SEO efforts in order to obtain maximum benefit. One is to avoid using multiple domains. It is tempting to start a new domain for the school’s athletics, for the employee site or for individual colleges. But this is a huge SEO mistake. When using multiple domains, you are splitting up your links and authority. In essence, you create multiple weak sites instead of one strong site. Work to create an internal policy that discourages the creation of external domains and instead, integrates external domains back into your main website.”

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Will traditional PPC agencies die out in the age of automation?

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Technology and automation have already affected our everyday lives in so many ways and it’s going to have a major impact on PPC too. One company says “bring it on!”

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Search Shorts

Bing on nofollowed links...

Bing nofollow links. Fabrice Canel from the Bing search team said Bing has always and currently still does treat the nofollow link attribute as a hint

Microsoft Intern video. Having your interns post musical videos is all the rage these days.  Check out the video from the Microsoft interns

Iggy Pop at Google. It looks like Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk, stopped by Google’s office the other day.

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