Good morning, how does fresher data in your search performance reports sound?

Now, you can get data “as recent as less than a day old,” Google announced on Monday, which is a considerable improvement over the roughly-three days it previously took. Fresher data in your Search Console performance reports means that you may be able to debug issues the same day, evaluate your weekend performance first thing Monday morning and monitor whether your traffic rebounds after fixing a technical issue. In addition, Google also announced that you can now export data using a custom date range as well.

Advertisers can now upload multiple videos for use on a single YouTube ad campaign. Dubbed “Video Reach,” the new campaign type makes use of three different asset types: six-second bumper ads, skippable in-stream ads and non-skippable in-stream ads. Google then uses machine learning to figure out the most efficient combination of ads to maximize audience reach, which should, as Vishal Sharma, VP of product management at YouTube, said, “free up your time to focus on more strategic priorities that can differentiate your business.” Ford was given early access to the new campaign format; after they took it for a test drive (pun absolutely intended), the company reported that it lowered campaign costs by more than 20% compared to their previous YouTube benchmarks.

Keep on reading to find out what we overheard at Advertising Week in NYC, a Pro Tip on what to look for when auditing your content and much more.

George Nguyen,
Associate Editor

Pro Tip

What should a content audit achieve?

“Conducting a content audit can help you identify areas of your site that are in need of improvement, and that will see greater visibility in search as a result. I look at three core areas when performing an audit,” explains Aaron Agius of Louder Online. “1) Find ways to repurpose content. There are many ways to take old content and turn it into something new. I particularly like to flag content that’s performed well organically and analyze how it can be used to create less expensive content with a known track record.  2) Find content gaps. No site is ever finished, and your keyword research is never complete. When performing a content audit, look for content that competitors have on their websites (and rank for). There’s always more content that you can add to your site (and usually some that can be removed, too). 3) Optimize your content for users and search engines. Google has said it for many years. In fact, Matt Cutts went on the record many times to tell webmasters that they needed to ‘create great content.’ This still stands true today.”

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Search Shorts

Dates, IP addresses and rendering...

Dates in URLs.  Google’s John Mueller said dates in URLs are fine for Google search.

IP Links. John Mueller from Google also said that IP addresses linking to you is also fine.

Render what we index. Google said they pretty much render everything they index, so just keep that in mind.

Overheard at Advertising Week

We’re swimming in the sea of Advertising Week in NYC this week along with thousands of marketers. Here are some of the quotes that caught our attention. 

“Voice is going to completely transform how we work with technology and society.… I’m really bullish on how voice is going to change in the next 10 years.” — Luis di Como, EVP of Global Media at Unilever. 

“Not a billion, but not half of that either.” — Blake Chandlee, VP TikTok, when asked about the number of users on the platform. 

“I think the future of marketing is to understand incrementality really well.” — Allan Thygesen, President, Americas, Google

“Here is a platform [TikTok] that has awareness that is very difficult to achieve in other places. And I think that in itself is important.” — Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia

“It’s not looking good for getting into this session.” — The 50+ people too many who tried to see a session on Amazon marketing. 

“The reality is it [programmatic] is not fully automated …The reality is it’s very complex, still…. And the aperture is broader than where we want [targeting] to go.” — Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO of the 4As, on the promise of programmatic in 2019. 

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