Good morning, Marketers, it’s true, Google Ads enabled new targeting controls.

Smart Shopping campaigns are just one of the machine learning-powered campaign types that Google has launched over the past two years. Ads are eligible to serve across a number of Google properties and use numerous signals not available in standard campaigns. They’re also relative black boxes with limited reporting and setting controls. 

But recently, Google Ads enabled location targeting and exclusions for Smart Shopping campaigns. Before this, Smart Shopping campaigns had a single (terrifying) location targeting setting of “All countries and territories.” Now, the targeting capabilities are the same as in regular campaigns, including the ability to set radius targeting. Location reporting in the UI, including per store and user location reports, shows you where your ads have served and how they’ve performed. 

From my admittedly anecdotal, unscientific spot-check of some Smart Shopping campaigns, that scary “all” setting worked out relatively fine. Each of the campaigns I looked at should have been targeting users in the U.S., and that’s largely what happened. Now, with the ability to target U.S.-only, that small amount of waste can be eliminated. For more on Smart Shopping, be sure to check out the post from Zato Marketing in the links below. 

Keep reading for a timely Pro Tip for agencies from Fred Vallaeys. At SMX East in NYC next month, we have an entire day of sessions planned for agencies. I hope you’ll join us for executive-level education and peer-to-peer conversations on profitable pricing strategies, handling client transitions, making the pitch without giving away the goods and more. We’ll cap off the day with an agency meetup. All of this, plus the SEO and SEM content you expect from SMX. 

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Pro Tip

The 90-day plan for agency success

“Exceeding expectations at the beginning of a new agency-client relationship is critical,” explains Fred Vallaeys of Optmyzr. “So what should an agency focus on for the first 90 days when working with a new client? Agencies need to understand why they were hired and use that knowledge to deliver a great first quarter for their clients. Remember that the client went to an agency because something they were doing before wasn’t working. It could be they were unhappy because they weren’t hitting their KPIs, or because they felt their last agency wasn’t delivering enough value, or because they’re experiencing a lot of growth and need extra manpower to keep up with the demands of a growing business. Whatever the reason may be, make sure you know it and make it a priority to address that concern before all else.”

“It’s easy to do this wrong because during the sales process, you may convince yourself the client hired you because of one of the amazing capabilities you sold them on. And while that may indeed have swayed their decision, it may not be the core thing that will make them happy in the end.”

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Search Shorts

AMP, link audits and Google Discover.

AMP pages. If you have an AMP page that is paired to a non-AMP page, the content has to be the same, says John Mueller of Google.

Link Audits. Gary Illyes said you really only need to invest in link audits if you had some shady SEO stuff done in the past.

Split out Google Discover traffic. Google’s John Mueller doesn’t think Google Analytics has plans to split out Google Discover traffic, but you can see this data in Search Console.


Behind The Scenes At SMX East

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