Good morning, can you hear that sound? 

That’s Amazon chip, chip, chipping away at Google’s search market share. The latest estimates from eMarketer suggest Amazon’s share of the paid search market in the U.S. will increase from 13% this year to 16% by 2021. In contrast, Google’s share is expected to drop from 73% to 70.5%. 

Yes, 70% still makes Google an outsized market leader, but while writing this newsletter, I decided to take a look back at eMarketer estimates from 2017 to see how things have shifted. Get this: 

  • Google’s share was expected to increase from 78% to 80% by 2019. Instead, it shrunk. 
  • Amazon’s share was pegged to grow from 2.0% to … 2.2% by 2019. In just two years, the company has blown that estimate out of the water. 

Pretty staggering. (And no wonder Google launched a new Shopping experience this month.)

Meanwhile, projections for Microsoft and Verizon Media (Yahoo then) were spot on at 6.6% and 2.3%, respectively.

Another interesting story in those numbers: Yelp. In 2017, eMarketer projected Yelp’s search ad revenue share in the U.S. would dip from roughly 7% to 6%. Yesterday’s estimate puts Yelp’s current search ad share at just 1.8%. Yelp, too, has been working on “major product changes” to boost engagement and regain momentum.

Read on for a Pro Tip on the results of a giant analysis of crawl data and more. 

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Crawl data analysis of 2 billion links from 90 million domains in today’s web

“A data analysis of the top 50 U.S. sites [from Common Crawl data May to July, 2019] shows a dependency between the number of incoming hosts and referring IP addresses and the subdivision of an IP network that points to the target domain metrics,” explains Aysun Akarsu of SearchDatalogy. “Of the almost 90 million hosts ranks and their two billion links, there is a strong correlation between PageRank and the number of incoming links to each host. However, we can’t say the same for the number of outgoing links from hosts. The distribution of PageRank is highly right-skewed meaning the majority of the hosts have very low PageRank. One of the reasons why PageRank is still a popular and well-known centrality measure is its performance with similar types of data distribution comparable to the distribution of links on domains.

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3 ways to take back control from PPC automations

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This oversight could be done manually by advertisers, but that’s time-consuming. A better solution is for advertisers to create their own automations that monitor the automations of the engines. That’s what we call “automation layering.”

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Search Shorts

Link ransom, watermarked images and more.

Watermarked images.  Google’s John Mueller said watermarked images can rank fine in Google Image search.

Link threats.  You can ignore link threats, they are spam and Google ignores those bad links anyway said John Mueller of Google.

HTTPS.  John Mueller of Google said going from HTTP to HTTPS does not affect your authority.


Behind The Scenes At SMX East

Search Marketing Expo – SMX East – is coming to NYC November 13-14! This show features the BIGGEST agenda we’ve ever assembled. With 100+ search marketing presentations covering SEO, SEM, agency operations, multi-location search, video, content, analytics, and beyond, picking one thing to be excited about is no easy task. But that’s exactly the question we asked the Search Engine Land editors and SMX agenda programmers…

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