Good morning, do your pages match searchers’ intent?

SEO veteran Dan Shure spoke with Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz about how he got into SEO and his thoughts on why certain sites have been hit by recent core search algorithm updates. Looking at, an independent medical site with well-researched, science-backed articles, Shure says, “The biggest thing I think everyone is missing is that the pages are not built from scratch to rank for what they had been ranking for.” 

Shure said to rank for the term “creatine,” for example, the page needs to be structured with content that lays out what it is, what the benefits are, what the side effects are, etc. Examine’s pages are not structured that way. “Most SEOs are looking for a site-wide punitive reason or mistake that Google is making for why their rankings have dropped,” he says. His data indicates that rather than a site-wide issue, the problem is usually that the content is not structured to match user intent. Watch the full interview video to hear more. 

Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) automatically optimizes campaign budgets across ad sets — and it will be the de facto way budgets are optimized come February. Michelle Morgan of Clix Marketing says Facebook advertisers need to be testing CBO now and not wait until the switch flips. Morgan will be speaking about what she’s seen so far with CBO, how to test it and more at SMX East next month. 

Read on for a Pro Tip on an ads script to help forecast performance and more. 

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Pro Tip

Forecast ad performance with this advanced Google Ads script

Creating accurate projections of your future paid search spend is a really important part of your overall media buying plan,” explains Wesley Parker of Clicteq. “How often have you been asked, how many leads would we get if we increase media spend by X. Or considering that our conversion rate is 19% better year on year, how many more leads will we get this year. The truth is though that putting projections together is tedious and time-consuming and this advanced Google Ads script creates forecasts for you based on past performance.

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Guide to Marketing Automation

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for marketing automation software. This report includes profiles of 14 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Search Shorts

Used cars, Google Assistant and Guessing...

Used cars and used domains. John Mueller of Google said buying used domains is like buying used cars

Structured data and Google Assistant.  Google reminds us that using structured data can help Google build actions for Google Assistant with your web site.

Guessing. Obvious advice but Google’s John Mueller said do not make Google guess.


Behind The Scenes At SMX East

Search Marketing Expo – SMX East – is coming to NYC November 13-14! This show features the BIGGEST agenda we’ve ever assembled. With 100+ search marketing presentations covering SEO, SEM, agency operations, multi-location search, video, content, analytics, and beyond, picking one thing to be excited about is no easy task. But that’s exactly the question we asked the Search Engine Land editors and SMX agenda programmers…

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