Good morning, Google’s hoping to step up its wearables game.

Its parent Alphabet announced it will buy Fitbit, which could help it compete more soundly with Apple Watch in the wearables realm. It will also give the Google Assistant a bigger platform as it is integrated in new Fitbit devices.

Google Assistant is becoming the focus of the Google cross-platform user experience and with it the conversational UI,” reported Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling. “BERT‘s importance thus comes into sharper relief as a key technology/tool for understanding more and more spoken commands and queries.”

Merchants, take note: A fairly big change to the way Google approaches unique product identifiers (GTINs, MPNs, for example) could affect your product visibility this holiday season. The biggest of these changes is that products without UPIs can actually be eligible to show in Shopping ads now. The hitch: they’ll be served at a lower priority than your competitors if they have accurate UPIs filled in in their feeds. 

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SEO best practices support ADA compliance for digital accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design were released in September 2010. Website owners who did not comply with these standards positioned themselves for poor user experiences for people with disabilities. Recently, Domino’s Pizza faced a lawsuit from a man who cited the website did not have alt text for images, so his reading software was not able to communicate the information to him to place an order. Domino’s appealed, but the Supreme Court rejected the appeal, allowing the lawsuit to proceed.

It behooves site owners to abide by ADA standards, not just because of the risk of lawsuits, but most importantly, to be more accessible to people with disabilities. If you’re actively managing your website SEO, then you are in good shape from an ADA compliance standpoint, as many elements of SEO overlap with ADA standards. By following SEO best practices, you are also optimizing your site’s and mobile app’s accessibility.

Tony Edward is a director of SEO at Tinuiti


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Mobile First Indexing. Google’s John Mueller said mobile-first indexing isn’t aimed at changing a sites ranking. It is about indexing only.

Crawlers. Google Ads might use GoogleBot for search for crawling. It is confusing John Mueller from Google said, but that’s the way it is.


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