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The latest version of Google Ads Editor is out with some new feature updates. It now supports Discovery campaigns — the campaign type that shows ads on Discover, Gmail and the YouTube home feed. Discovery campaigns are still in beta, so this is a sign Google is moving along with investment in them. Another update attempts to improve the UX of the right-side edit pane with the ability to condense empty fields in sections such as Custom parameters. You’ll still often find yourself scrolling past lots of irrelevant sections and fields, though.

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If you’re a consultant or running an agency, do you charge an hourly rate? Agency pricing strategies will be a topic of discussion at SMX East next week. Read on to get an early take on Duane Brown’s thoughts regarding hourly rates in today’s Soapbox. 

Ginny Marvin


Let's kill the hourly rate

Once you start charging hourly, you often get into discussions about how long something took. This could be because the client was thinking it would take less time because they used to do it themselves. If you spend all of your time talking about hours on a client’s invoice, the conversation shifts away from outcomes and towards labor.

So many view marketing as a cost center, when it’s an investment center. Based on my experience, the majority of clients who like hours are just trying to find the cheapest person to do the task.

The assumption is that hiring agency A at $50/hour is going to be the same as hiring agency B at $100 or $150/hour. We all know this is not the case. If agency B comes down in price, then this tells the client that this set of work is worth that much. Even if it’s going to cost you a lot more to deliver on the work. We should stop selling hours and starting selling outcomes.

Duane Brown is an SMX East 2019 speaker as well as founder and head of strategy at Take Some Risk Inc.


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Search Shorts

Google local ranking update?

Google local ranking update. There is some chatter and some signals of a possible Google algorithm update, this one impacting the local listings and local pack.  

Website goals. Google published a new video for beginners on how to set goals for your web site

Inappropriate structured data. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter: We wouldn’t remove a page from search just because of inappropriate structured data.


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