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Are your holiday campaigns in order? Of course they are, but just in case you answered that with a bit of hesitation, we’ve got some last-minute holiday paid search tactics and management tips to set you up for success this weekend. 

Not your season? If you’re a B2B marketer and not expecting to see a holiday bump, Melissa Mackey of B2B agency gyro suggests preparing to pull back budgets while the seasonal consumer frenzy takes over — particularly if you have keyword overlaps with consumer intent queries. 

If you have other last-minute holiday campaign tips, share them with us on Twitter tomorrow @ginnymarvin and/or @sengineland. 

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on creating Google Assistant Actions the easy way and more.

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Using templates to create Actions for Google Assistant

“Google introduced a simplified way to create Actions for the Google Assistant: templates. While this option isn’t automated like the Google Action schema approach, there’s no code involved in the template process, either,” explains John Lincoln of Ignite Visibility. “Users can quickly create an action by filling out a Google Sheet, although this option only extends to four content types: personality quizzes, flashcards, trivia and how-to videos. How-to videos must be uploaded to YouTube to be eligible.”

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Search Shorts

Googlers compete at SEO? Ha, no.

Internal Google competitions. Google’s John Mueller said Googlers thought about doing internal SEO contests for fun but added that rank iting competitions are totally artificial, and not representative of real-world situations (+create lots of junk).

Made up URLs. John Mueller of Google said, “in general, we wouldn’t make up URLs,” so if you see URLs you don’t like in Google, redirect them or canonical them to the right place.

AMP pagespeed used. Does Google use the pagespeed of your AMP pages? It depends. If that is what the user loaded, then yes. John Mueller from Google said: AFAIK the CrUx data is based on what people saw on their devices, so if you’re showing them AMP versions, that’s what it would include.


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