Search Engine Land & Overlay Messages

Did you come to our site and have a message appear before you could read a story? Those are called "overlays," and they’re becoming more commonly used by various web sites as an effective way to communicate with visitors.

If you saw one of these, we’re sorry to have interrupted your reading, but hopefully you found it worthwhile to hear about the message we had. Messages for our products and services also help support the site, so we can provide you with the quality editorial content you read.

We’re sensitive that no one wants to be constantly interrupted – we’d hate that ourselves. That’s why you won’t see overlay messages constantly when you visit the site. You’ll only see them once, as long as you have cookies enabled on your browser. That will tell us you’ve already seen a particular message, and we won’t show it to you again.

Our overlay messages change every week or two. When there’s a new message, you’ll see that new message. But once again, you won’t see that message over and over on subsequent trips.

Thanks for your understanding. If you have concerns about our overlays, please feel free to let us know using our contact form.

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