Good morning,  do you believe in coincidences?

The search traffic split between mobile and desktop may have stabilized, with roughly 60% of all queries originating from a mobile device, according to a report from the IAB. Whether by coincidence or as a response to those numbers, the ad revenue roughly reflects that split with mobile accounting for 65% and desktop making up the remainder. Meanwhile, desktop ad spend has been flat and mobile is still seeing significant growth. Although mobile search volumes grew 3% over the past two and a half years, the data does suggest that we’re at some sort of homeostasis. FWIW, Google told us this week that it’s still seeing growth in mobile queries.

It appears Yoast SEO really is all-in on structured data implementation. Its latest 11.2 update lets webmasters customize their schema output by adding to (or removing data from) the graph that Yoast shows search engines. The update also enables you to add or remove social profiles and will even automatically select your first image to include in its schema graph (if you haven’t set a featured image). If you missed it, the 11.0 update first introduced a revamped, more approachable schema implementation and the 11.1 update added video and image schema to the mix.

Microsoft is giving back to the developer community by making its Space Partition Tree And Graph Tag (SPTAG) vector search algorithm available to all via Github. SPTAG (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) uses vectors to assign numerical representations to words, image pixels or other data points. By translating that information into data and applying deep learning models to associate it with other terms, Microsoft says it can get a better idea of search intent and return more relevant results that are based on more than the keywords used in the query. Github is a subsidiary of Microsoft, and this offering seems to be another romantic move in their courtship of the developer community. By open-sourcing the algorithm, independent developers can use it to push the capabilities of traditional, audio and visual search to new limits.

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George Nguyen,
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Pro Tip

Evergreen Chromium rendering: What to know

“Now that Googlebot’s evergreen Chromium rendering engine can be counted on, React, Angular, Vue, Svelte 3, and vanilla JavaScript users can worry a little less about polyfills specific to Chrome 41 and writing or transpiling down ES6 syntax in projects anymore,” says Search Engine Land’s Detlef Johnson. “Concerns still exist, however. You need to test and make sure the rendering engine is behaving the way you anticipate. Google is more guarded about exposing its resources than a user’s browser would be.”

“Google recommends that users check out the documentation to find references to Google’s Web Rendering Service (WRS) instances: basically Chromium 74, currently, in products like the mobile-friendly test and the URL Inspection Tool. For example, a Geolocation script might ask for browser location services. Google’s rendering engine doesn’t expose that API. These kinds of exceptions in your JavaScript may halt your indexing.”

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SMX Update

Selling Smarter With Search, Social, Marketplace Ads

If you’re selling anything online, it behooves you to take advantage of all types of advertising. Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon – they are all proven channels for driving commerce sales. They are also highly competitive, which means you must be at the top of your game to beat your competitors.

At SMX Advanced, we’ve put together a session called Selling Smarter With Search, Social, Marketplace Ads where our expert speakers will discuss ways they’ve executed, optimized and measured campaigns across search, social and marketplace channels that deliver new customers, up-sell existing customers and enhance brand loyalty — all while maximizing ROAS.

As with all sessions at SMX Advanced, our speakers will be on hand after the session for Overtime, where they’ll be available to personally answer any and all questions you may have about the campaigns they’ve run or your own advertising efforts. Check out the full SMX Advanced agenda and register now.

Search Shorts

What developers can do to rank better in Google

Top three SEO tactics for developers.  Martin Splitt from Google was asked about the top three things a developer can do for their Google rankings. He listed (1) content, (2) meta data and (3) site performance. Yes, he left out links and mentioned meta descriptions which are not a ranking signal used by Google.

SEO mythbusting video out. Google has released its first SEO Mythbusting video, which you can watch here. Spoiler alert: it didn’t really do any mythbusting.

No hard limit. Google Search Console testing tools have no hard limit on the number of resources they can process.

Tinuiti – Elite SEM, CPC Strategy, OrionCKB and Email Aptitude have been rebranded to Tinuiti because the old name is not representative of who they are, said Zach Morrison, CEO of Tinuiti.

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