Good morning, GSCs new feature roll continues,

Google Search Console rolled out a new “Removals” section yesterday. Here, you can temporarily keep pages from showing in Google search results as well as see which pages aren’t showing in search because the content is outdated and any URLs that have been filtered by the SafeSearch adult filter. You’ll see it in the left-hand nav in your GSC accounts.  

If you have a big and often-changing website, like an e-com site, the new Bing-Botify API partnership might pique your interest. The offering, called Fastindex and part of Botify Activation, allows sites to submit new content beyond the current 10,000 URL limit of the Bing Content Submission API. The benefits for site owners are immediate indexing, more control and potentially better coverage.

Our readers in the EU may have a closer eye on Google’s proposed search choice screen on Android — the change stems from a 2018 antitrust ruling — but if you do business in the EU, keep watching this. DuckDuckGo will be one of the default options listed (thanks to an earlier auction), but it also knows the framing of this selection process could affect search engine market share in the EU. The privacy-centric engine published its own suggestions for what Android users should see, including more than just four search engine choices as well as more info about the selection process itself (i.e. users can change their default at any time). 

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on crawl budget optimization and more.

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Pro Tip

Optimize your website’s crawl budget

“The best approach to optimize the crawl budget is to start with improving overall site speed and simplifying site structure as both of these will help both users and the Googlebot,” explains digital marketing consultant Suganthan Mohanadasan. “If you are dealing with a massive site (a huge e-commerce brand, for example), crawl budget will be an important thing to keep in mind.”

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What's "Brand Humanity" and why you should care

More human communication leads to demonstrably better business results. But putting humanity into action is easier said than done. Technology can help businesses forge more human connections between consumers and the brands they love. That’s why Braze commissioned two powerful studies conducted by Forrester Consulting to dig deeper into this important topic. Join this webinar with Braze and Forrester where they discuss the latest Brand Humanity research findings.

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Search Shorts

Links, links and Super Bowl ads.

Links in PDFs. John Mueller from Google said links in PDFs are treated as if they are nofollowed, but Google previously said they pass PageRank and link signals. Which is right

Dofollow profile links. Are dofollow profile links worth getting? John Mueller from Google said no on Reddit.

Google Super Bowl ad. Ten years ago Google aired its first-ever commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl. And on Sunday, viewers of this year’s game will see “Loretta,” which tells the story of a man who uses the Google Assistant to keep the memory of his love alive. Check out the ad here.


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