Good morning, hey, keywords aren’t dead after all.

Google still wants them for local search, anyway. At some point recently, Google quietly updated its GMB help page on improving local rankings with an explicit recommendation to add relevant keywords to your business description to help improve visibility in local search results. Stefan Somborac, founder of Marketing Metrology, spotted the update this week. 

This doesn’t mean you should go keyword stuff the heck out of your GMB listing, but adding location qualifiers, for example, can improve your chances of showing up for relevant queries. 

Yesterday, Google rolled out new annotations on Change History performance charts reports that actually make them quite a bit easier to navigate. Clicking on one of the annotation icons below the chart brings up a card listing the types of changes made that day. You can then click on any of the changes to get to the details in the report. The annotations only appear at the campaign level — at this point at least. 

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Pro Tip

Learn how to analyze Google Trends in Data Studio using Python

“Google Trends is a free tool that provides search interests, popular keywords and hot topics in a lot of languages for different platforms such as web search, Youtube or Google Shopping. Regardless of the marketing channel, it can be a very helpful tool to get valuable insights and make meaningful choices for the next steps of your project,” explains Hülya Çoban of Keyphraseology. “Building a connection between Google Spreadsheets and Jupyter Notebook to import data into Google Data Studio makes it easy to share with others easily. For example, while analyzing Search Console data on the Data Studio dashboard, wouldn’t it be nice to have Google Trends data on the same page? If your answer is yes, let’s dig in!”

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Search Shorts

Crawl budget, caching, and videos

Google crawl budget. John Mueller from Google said on Reddit there is no number or benchmark for crawl budget.

Googlebot caching. Martin Splitt from Google said on Twitter Googlebot caches aggressively, so we recommend using hashes or checksums as part of the filename.

YouTube for SEO. Google’s John Mueller gives his YouTube and video advice on Twitter.



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