Good morning, let the manager account access purging begin. 

If your list of “users that count toward the Partners certification requirement” has clients, accountants and others who aren’t actually managing campaigns and aren’t likely to take a Google Ads certification test, you’re not alone. The response to Google’s new requirements to qualify for Partner status has been one of concern — to put a milquetoast spin on it. But it’s the need to have at least half of the eligible users in your manager account pass Google Ads certifications that rattled a lot of people after they looked at their user lists. 

Google has added some further explanation around eligible user counts, including reviewing who has Admin or Standard level access, but the requirement is sticking. You can bet there are going to be thousands of legacy and inactive users kicked out of accounts over the next few months. 

Note that giving people read-only or email-only access is another way to still give people some access without having them count toward your eligible user count. 

Keep reading for Andrew Garberson’s Soapbox thoughts on the future of tracking and analytics and much more.  

Ginny Marvin,


Tracking and analytics: Where do we go from here?

2020 Path A: Lack of clarity leads to little change from search marketers. This outcome seemed like a real possibility in the first week of January as California enacted CCPA while enforcement deadlines got delayed. It was not yet clear what enforcement would look like later in the year and it appeared, despite big promises, that tomorrow would look a lot like today. This path looked less likely after the second week of January. That leads us to the next section.

2020 Path B: Compounding tracking limitations keep marketers on their heels. Already in 2020 we have seen CCPA take effect, Chrome put cookies on notice, stocks for companies that rely on third-party cookies tumble, and the sacrifice of data providers that threatened consumer trust. And that’s just January.

2020 Path C: Correction as consumer fear eases in response to industry action. The backlash to tracking and privacy is a reaction to imbalance. Consumers are protecting their data, politicians are protecting their constituents, and platforms are protecting their profits. As difficult as it is to see from our vantage point today, it’s most likely that these imbalances will normalize as stakeholders feel safe. The question is how long it will take and how many counter adjustments are required in the wake of over or under correcting.

As digital marketers, who in some ways represent both the consumers with whom we identify and the platforms with whom we depend, are in a unique position to expedite the correction and return to balance.

Andrew Garberson is SVP of marketing services at Bounteous


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Deleted review notifications via Google My Business

Deleting Google reviews. Google may now email you when reviews are deleted from your Google business listing.

Dublin Core Schema. No, Google doesn’t care about the Dublin Core Schema, implies Google’s John Mueller.

Block Googlebot with htaccess. John Mueller of Google said sure, you can block Googlebot through htaccess, but it’s fine to limit Googlebot’s access using the appropriate HTTP response codes or a noindex robots meta tag – even if users are able to go there. Without robots.txt, we’d just crawl those URLs (and not index them). But if that’s ok with you, that’s fine.


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