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Those that have implemented FAQ schema, take heed: you can no longer repeatedly markup the same question and answer pairing if that pairing appears on multiple pages of your site. Doing so is now a violation of Google’s content guidelines, which potentially means that all your pages might stop showing FAQ rich results. Stay on Google’s good side by updating any old FAQ markup and stick to marking up the same question and answer just once.

Advertising on Amazon has gotten more competitive, and keeping track of your COGS (cost of goods sold) and seller fees is crucial to running profitable search ad campaigns, says Kaitlin McGrew, senior SEM manager for PMG Digital Agency. During her session at our SMX West conference last month, McGrew explained how sellers can calculate ASIN-level profit margins, which types of ads you can use to reach shoppers at every stage of the funnel, the metrics to monitor and more, all so that you can profitably advertise on Amazon.

“Being an SEO trying to grow a YouTube channel is good, but it pays off better to also be a good community manager and conversion optimizer,” Aleyda Solis, SMX speaker, EU Search Personality of the Year and founder of Orainti, advised our own Barry Schwartz. During their sit-down chat, Solis also shared her takes on international SEO, managing clients while traveling and educating members of the industry. Check out the full video here.

In your experience, what’s the most underrated marketing goal? Amanda Milligan of Fractl says its brand authority — keep on reading to find out why.

George Nguyen,
Associate Editor


Brand authority is the most underrated marketing goal

Everyone understands the value of increased organic traffic or a higher rate of conversions. That’s because these metrics are closest to the money.

But some top-of-the-funnel rewards for creating high-quality content can contribute a significant amount to your growth, and they center around your brand’s perception.

Brand awareness is often recognized, but that’s the first step. Brand authority comes next and deserves more credit.

And I’m not just talking about in the context of E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) pages. I’m talking about building your overall brand authority, which of course still involves creating authoritative content written by authoritative people.

But having this zoomed-out brand perspective allows you to strategize a little differently and recognize wins that are often ignored.

Ask yourself: Is your brand addressing the most appropriate topics in its on-site content? Are you using data to back up these claims? Do other authoritative sources support you (via social mentions, backlinks, etc.)? Are you ranking because Google acknowledges your authority?

Because here’s the truth: At the end of the day, a customer will nearly always choose a brand they’ve consistently seen as an authority over a brand that impressed them once.

Amanda Milligan is the marketing director at Fractl.


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Search Shorts

Google update & Google ad policy change.

Google algorithm update rumors. Yep, this again. More unconfirmed reports of a Google search ranking algorithm update surfaced over the weekend.

Premium indexing. Google says there is no such thing as premium indexing, according to John Mueller on Twitter.

Seattle Google ad policies. Google Ads has updated its policies regarding political ads in Seattle.

Pagination advice. John Mueller from Google gave advice on pagination for blogs. He said “Use categories or tags to cross link so that you have a handful paginated pages per type, from where you link to the blog posts. Keep a good & balanced hierarchy, not too flat, not too deep.


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