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All sites will be switched over to mobile-first indexing starting September, Google clarified yesterday. This will conclude the process that has been underway since 2016. Yes, this has been going on for four years. Google says 70% of indexed sites have already been switched over, but if you’re one of the 30%, it’s coming down to the wire to address any issues Google’s mobile crawler has in accessing your site.  

Google Ads attribution reports (under the Tools menu) have been significantly streamlined. In the time I’ve had to dig around and compare the new version to the old, there are some gaps. Detailed device data appears to be missing, and there are no longer chart views in the new version. You can still navigate back and forth between the two — for now. I’m curious to know what you think about this: [email protected]

SEO on Amazon is critical, but Amazon’s A9 algorithm doesn’t work like your typical search ranking system. Amazon’s interest is in selling products, after all. It’s going to rank what sells. We’ve got a good look at what you need to know about the factors that affect your product’s organic visibility on Amazon.

A quick reminder that entries are open for the 2020 Search Engine Land Awards (the 6th annual)! Now’s the time to show off your best SEO or SEM work of the past year. Check out the full list of categories and more details here

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Will RSAs help or hurt your account?

“Have you heard conflicting stories about the usefulness of PPC automation tools? You’re not alone,” explains Fred Vallaeys of Optmyzr. “On one side you have Google telling you that automations like responsive search ads (RSAs) and Smart Bidding will help you get better results and should be turned on without delay. On the other side you get expert practitioners saying RSAs are bad for conversion rates and Smart Bidding delivers mixed results and should be approached with caution. So how do you decide when PPC automation is right for you?”

“I have a script that tackles one way to measure if RSAs help or hurt your account. It won’t say if RSAs are good or bad but it can give you a better way to come to your own conclusion about how to get the most out of this automated PPC capability.”

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Your 5 biggest Google Ads challenges & how to solve them

Paid search is more competitive than ever. Search marketers need to be proactive and learn how to get the best out of the right tools to stay on top of their PPC ‘A-game’ (A for automation). Adthena created this guide to address the top challenges and offer solutions that will help you get better results and make your life easier.

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Search Shorts

Hreflang processing by Google

Hreflang processing. “Generally the hreflang annotations are picked up once all pages that you linked together with them are crawled and (re)indexed,” Gary Illyes said on Reddit.

Redirects & security certificates. Do you need to renew your security certificate for a domain migration? “Browsers definitely need the certificate for HTTPS, even if you’re just redirecting. Search engines can probably deal with it, but if there’s a chance the old URL is shown to users, just keep the certificate live too. You can get certificates for free nowadays,” Google’s John Mueller wrote on Twitter.

We don’t index it all. Also, don’t bet on Google indexing your entire 800,000-page site. “It’s easy to create millions of pages without useful, unique, compelling, or high-quality content. That’s not what we’d want our systems to spend a lot of time on,” said Mueller.


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