Good morning, Marketers, take a moment for some inspiration. 

On the heels of International Women’s Day, contributor Diana Ford shares her interviews with 13 female SEOs who have carved out flourishing careers. Their backgrounds are fascinating. (Did you know Marie Haynes was a veterinarian for 14 years before she started in SEO?) 

Whether you’re relatively new to SEO or a veteran (and regardless of gender), their stories will give you a boost of confidence and inspiration to keep learning, experimenting and helping businesses grow. These women are a phenomenal reflection of what’s so wonderful about this industry. 

We know right now is a stressful time for many businesses having to react and adapt to changing dynamics caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Local businesses may be changing business hours, for example. Google is reminding businesses affected by COVID-19 to update your GMB listings to reflect accurate information to your customers. 

In other news, Reddit has a new ad unit that can appear at the top of the Search tab or Popular feed for 24 hours. 

There’s more below, including a Pro Tip on the benefits of UGC for SEO and more.  

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Incorporate UGC into your site to help organic traffic

Facebook comments aren’t the only place to source content from your users as Abby Reimer of Uproer explains in her latest case study about how to harness the power of user-generated comments. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Reviews: A crucial aspect of driving sales, reviews can also add relevant content on-site.

  2. Comments: Like the page’s main content, high-quality comments can be quite valuable, while low-quality can drag your page down. Ensure you’re moderating responsibly, and that your quality comments are being indexed.

  3. Embed tweets: Prompt your Twitter followers to answer your keyword’s question. You can use their feedback to quickly source content ideas, and embed the tweets in the article to add content and promote community engagement.

Note: Valid concerns arise around UGC, many of which involve spam or inappropriate content. Check out these strategies from Google to ensure all the content on your site is authentic, appropriate and relevant. 

And if you don’t have the resources to moderate your UGC, don’t worry. Manually uploading content (as shown in this case study) can be a good option since you’ll have full control over the content used.

Finally, consider asking your audience for permission to put their responses on your site. The more transparent you can be in this process, the better.


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Search Shorts

Google AI ranking

Google AI ranking contract. No such thing, John Mueller of Google said after someone is claiming to have a contract with Google around AI ranking.

Bing indexing issues. Frederic Dubut from Bing said he isn’t aware of any widespread indexing issues with Bing search.

Focus on important parts of your site. We do tend to focus on the parts of your site that make your site unique & valuable. That’s usually what users would do too,” said Mueller.


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