Good morning, Marketers, are your budgets in flux?

An analyst report yesterday predicts Google is likely to see double-digit declines in travel ad revenue in the first two quarters of the year due to coronavirus. That got us wondering what everyone is seeing across sectors. We heard from a number of media buyers yesterday about ways in which their clients are thinking about their near-term search and digital media budgets. Some aren’t pulling back or pausing yet, while others are seeing dramatic action — and a few are raising budgets. If you have a budget story to share, email me at [email protected].

It looks like Google’s “key moments” timeline feature for videos that appear in the videos card in mobile search results is expanding. When it debuted, it only appeared for the top video in the card, now “key moments” may appear on multiple videos listed in mobile search results. If you haven’t tested the feature as part of your video SEO strategy, now might be time to take another look. 

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Keep reading for a Pro Tip on finding linkable, top-funnel topics for your content and more. 

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

How to find linkable, top-funnel topics

“The first – and most important – step to influencing bottom-funnel pages with top-funnel content is identifying the right topic. The reason this step is so critical is that you will be investing a lot of time and energy into building and promoting this page, and you want to make sure the topic has legs before you start down that path,” explains Andrew Dennis of Page One Power. “The first place to start this process is with competitors. If a competitor has a guide about [X Topic] that has over 100 links, and you don’t address that topic on your site, this is likely a topic you should cover as it has proven linkability. You should also keep a list of these linking sites, as they will likely be open to linking to the page you eventually create.”

“In fact, even the pages that don’t have a ton of backlinks could be potentially linkable topics, but your competitor might have failed to promote their page properly. Explore the SERPs for these pages and their associated keywords to see if the ranking guides have a substantial amount of referring domains. Just because your competitor missed on this opportunity doesn’t make it any less of an opportunity.”

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Search Shorts

Watered-down pages and a Google easter egg

Watering down indexing issue.  When it comes to not blocking search engines from indexing your internal search result page, Google’s John Mueller said it’s “usually not a spam/not-spam situation, but more about watering down your indexed content with useless pages that compete with each other. More a question of strategy rather than spam.” 

“Holi” easter egg.  Go ahead, search for “holi” in Google and then click on those powder bowls. You can throw colorful powder all over the place. 

Work from home. The Google Search Relations team is working from home instead of going to the office or traveling to events, because that is the best way they can continue to help the community for the time being, said Mueller.


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