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The eventual impact of coronavirus on the digital advertising ecosystem remains to be seen, but eMarketer lowered its overall ad spend projections for 2020 based on what it’s seen so far in China (the world’s 2nd largest ad market after the U.S.). Meanwhile, many e-commerce businesses have increased ad spend as consumer behavior has shifted online. E-commerce site ad spend doubled across the digital, print and TV channels measured by MediaRadar. 

COVID-19 is impacting the way the platforms handle reviews. Google temporarily disabled reviews, the SterlingSky team noticed on Friday. Yelp announced changes to its guidelines Friday, banning claims in reviews of contracting coronavirus from a business or negative reviews about businesses being closed during what would typically be normal business hours. 

In non-COVID news, Google rolled out its change to move featured snippets into the mainline search results. Here’s what it looks like

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Keep reading for a Mindful Moment from reader Jenni Kulp and a Pro Tip from Andy Taylor on match types and more. 

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Pro Tip

How Google close variants brought broad match to every match type

“Paid search managers like control, and for years they had access to plenty of it in terms of keeping the search queries that triggered ads tight. Some advertisers chose to forego looser matches altogether by only launching exact match keywords,” explains Andy Taylor of Tinuiti. “But now, essentially all match types can trigger ads for queries that might have once been considered broad matches. As such, the share of traffic that can only be triggered via broad match has declined.”

“There’s still a place for broad and broad match modified keywords to give advertisers a wider net to drag in showing ads for relevant queries which are either low volume or just haven’t been built out as exact match keywords yet. However, much of the traffic that was formerly assigned as broad match now falls under close variants.”

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Mindful Moment

We’ll be sharing daily mindfulness exercises to help us all take some time to decompress. If you have a suggestion, please email me at [email protected]

Jenni Kulp, digital marketing strategist/owner at digital advertising agency Digitable, sent us this excellent suggestion: “When you have a moment of negativity or sadness, list (or think of if you don’t have paper) 10 things you are thankful for. The first 3-5 things are usually easy. But the last 5 things usually make you think a little deeper and appreciate more that life isn’t so bad.”


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Search Shorts

Google to continue pushing out algorithm updates

Algorithm updates to continue. John Mueller from Google said it will continue to update its algorithms throughout the coronavirus crisis: “In general, if we can improve the search results, I think we should continue to do that – there are lots of great sites (maybe yours too!) that deserve to be shown where relevant, if we can.” 

Google won’t block paywalled sites. Asked if Google can hide sites that have their content behind paywalls, Google’s Danny Sullivan said, “we wouldn’t do that.” 

Deprecated #! crawling. Just a reminder, Google deprecated #! crawling a while ago. “We’ve deprecated #! crawling for quite some time now, so you’d need to fix that before we switch the rest of the sites over in the fall, if you want that content to be indexed,” said Mueller.

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