Good morning, we have made it to the end of another week together. 

Yesterday, we covered a survey of 250 mostly boutique agencies that found agency leaders are feeling good about their teams’ ability to work from home but are feeling queasy about their businesses in the near-term and bracing for client budget and project cuts. 

For agencies working with commerce clients, this is a particularly unprecedented time. Responses to the article on Twitter were illuminating:

Andrew McGarry, who works with lifestyle and fashion brands, said, “Big issue for us and our clients is how much longer will warehouses stay open… arguably they should already be closed.” E-commerce activity and demand might be up, but the ecosystem is reliant on warehouses being able to ship products. We’re going to see closures as warehouses move to protect workers from coronavirus.

“100% this… each day could be the day warehouses go down. Every agency, regardless of size, is going to see cuts I feel. This is the time to dig deep with clients and truly make them feel like you sit right next to them,” said Duane Brown who runs Take Some Risk, a small agency in Canada.

“Absolutely – in CA we’re already seeing closures impacting clients,” added Simon Poulton, VP of digital intelligence at Wpromote. “I’m also concerned about delivery supply chains as they may need to adjust (like Amazon has) to focus on prioritizing ‘essential’ products which may delay other shipments through the major carriers.”

In other news, Pinterest rolled out new features for retailers, including a Verified Merchant Program. 

And Barry Schwartz sat down with the wildly smart Hamlet Batista to chat about scaling and automating SEO with Python and even your basic spreadsheet. He’s also got tips for beginners to get started. Watch here

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Pro Tip

Explaining the Chrome ‘explainers’ without third-party cookies

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Search Shorts

Disavows, Search Console issues and index coverage reports.

Disavow links. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter there’s absolutely no need to place every such link in your disavow file. So, don’t worry too much about missing some links in your disavow file.

Automate Google Search Console issues. John Mueller from Google said there is no API method for getting your Search Console issues programmatically, but you can scan your emails and handle them in an automated way that way, he said.

See index coverage is quick. The time when Google shows you the “see index coverage” report in Google Search Console is almost immediate from when Google processes the sitemap file, says Mueller.


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