Good morning, more reasons to get your Microsoft conversion tracking in order,

Microsoft Advertising introduced two new conversion goal options: Include in “Conversions” and view-through conversions. These offer more flexibility and will also make it easier for advertisers to match the conversion goals they’re prioritizing across Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads campaigns. The Include in “Conversions” option lets you choose which goals to include in your conversion metrics. For example, you may be tracking newsletter signups, but only want to prioritize and optimize your campaigns for whitepaper downloads and demo requests. 

If you’re running (or considering) ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, you’ll now see view-through conversion reporting in the UI for any UET-enabled conversion goals. This will give you more insights into how those campaign impressions may be assisting conversions. View-through conversions are counted when a user sees an ad, doesn’t click, but converts within the window you set. The conversion window default is set to one-day as it is in Google Display and Video campaigns. 

SEOs and developers sometimes (often?) have strained relationships. The tension usually stems from not having a shared vocabulary. Eric Wu, VP of product growth at Honey, the popular plugin PayPal paid $4 billion for this year, says SEOs need to be able to speak the language of their developers. Even learn to code yourself (this will sound familiar if you’ve been following our SEO for Developers series by Detlef Johnson). Eric spoke with Barry Schwartz about coding and taking your SEO beyond content and links —  watch their full chat here

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on the interdependency of PPC and SEO, YouTube’s latest on monetizing COVID-19 content and more.  

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Pro Tip

Back to basics: How PPC and SEO help each other

“PPC and SEO are both heavily dependent on keyword optimization to surface for related searches. For businesses to surface in the SERPs for relevant queries, they must target the correct words and phrases,” explains Ronald Dod of Visiture. “Utilizing keyword information from PPC campaigns can help SEOs to understand the types of terms that users are searching to uncover a company’s pages. Then, when SEO results do begin to show, that information can be fed back to PPC advertisers to help elevate the effectiveness of their promotions.”

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Learn how local marketing should adjust for times of economic uncertainty

Every industry is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are actions you can take now to encourage your franchisees, agents, dealers and partners to maintain the trust they have built with your customers at the local level. Times like these demand a clear and consistent brand message be disseminated quickly to local markets. Watch this on-demand webinar from BrandMuscle to learn how local marketing should adjust to accommodate scenarios like the current coronavirus impact.

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Search Shorts

Ads now run on COVID-19-related YouTube content

Coronavirus-related YouTube content is now eligible for monetization. Creators and brands on YouTube are now eligible to monetize content featuring or referring to COVID-19 so long as they adhere to the platform’s advertiser-friendly and community guidelines. Yellow icons may still display on new uploads as YouTube’s algorithms learn to allow for broader monetization of coronavirus content. If your content receives a yellow icon and it adheres to all the guidelines, you can submit an appeal.


Google Duplex is coming to Canada, Australia and the U.K. Google updated one of the automated concierge’s support pages with phone numbers that it may use in those countries. The service was first piloted internationally in New Zealand last year. One of Duplex’s capabilities is to verify store hours, which will be useful for local business owners during the pandemic.


AMP & page rankings. Removing and restoring AMP pages won’t affect your primary page’s rankings. ”It seems like an unnecessary & error-prone back & forth; I’d try to avoid it,” Google’s John Mueller said.


Stay up-to-speed on modern marketing

How will your martech stack and processes be impacted by COVID-19? How can you deliver a personalized user experience without betraying privacy? Get the answers to these and more crucial questions April 21-23 at Discover MarTech!

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