Good morning, how’s your video game? 

Even after all these years, the biggest roadblock to get going with video ads is usually production limitations. YouTube’s got a new free Video Builder tool in beta to help businesses short on resources easily create content — for, you guessed it, YouTube ads. You can sign up for the beta now.

It wasn’t so long ago many of us were together at SMX West — live, in person, together. I for one can’t wait for conferences to be able to start back up — in whatever form. In the meantime, speakers are following up on audience questions in our SMX Overtime series. In the latest installment, Michelle Morgan of Clix Marketing, who spoke on Advanced LinkedIn Ads strategies and offers tips on effective LinkedIn audience targeting and calls-to-actions. 

And of course, we’ve always got virtual. A reminder to mark your calendar for the next Live with Search Engine Land at 2:00 p.m. EST this Friday. I’ll be talking about commerce marketing with Kaitlin McGrew, SEM strategist at PMG; Bryant Garvin, CMO of Groovelife; and Anthony Verre, vice president of e-commerce at The Integer Group. You can check out past episodes here

Read on for a Pro Tip on Facebook Ads targeting and more.

Ginny Marvin,

Pro Tip

Being too niche in Facebook Ads does not always pay off

“Facebook Ads provides an extraordinary level of targeting detail. As a result, it seems like Facebook’s targeting options would make Facebook Ads the ideal marketing platform,” explains Jacob Baadsgaard of Disruptive Advertising. “However, there’s a problem with getting overly specific with your targeting. Facebook Ads is primarily an awareness-generating platform. When you’re dealing with upper-funnel advertising, it’s all about the numbers, and when your audience is too niche, the numbers are not on your side.”

“This is especially true when you’re first starting out on Facebook Ads. There are a lot of unknowns and if you get overly specific with your audience – especially while testing your messaging – you can sabotage your campaigns without meaning to.”

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Everyone wants that elusive 360° view of their prospects and customers — but it’s harder to achieve than you think

Nearly 60% of marketers surveyed say the biggest obstacle to their marketing success is creating a single customer view. Yet the CDP space is like the Wild West, with more than 60 vendors vying for a projected $1 billion in potential revenue. How can you accurately assess your company’s data needs to find the right CDP partner? Join our webinar and hear our expert panel sort fact from fiction to tell you what you need to know.

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Search Shorts

EAT in Google’s algorithm? Nah.

EAT algorithm. Google has updated its core algorithm advice post to note that while EAT is not in its search ranking algorithm, Google does try to align other signals towards EAT.  See the March 2020 note in the blog post.

Coronavirus crawling throttling. Google’s John Mueller said, Google is not throttling how it crawls your site because of the coronavirus

Missing Sitelinks. Sometimes if your site does not show Sitelinks in Google search, it may mean your site’s architecture is super flat.

Manual actions. Not all manual actions that Google sends out contain sample URLs to help you diagnose the issue, said Mueller.


What will marketing look like in a post-coronavirus world?

Join nearly 4,500 senior-level marketers online April 21-23 for Discover MarTech: three days of free, virtual, expert-led learning that will prepare you for what’s coming next in modern marketing.

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