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The new Pinterest app for Shopify merchants makes it really easy to turn product catalogs into shoppable Product Pins. The app also has an ads integration, so you can run promoted Product Pins easily as well. The native integration should help Pinterest increase retailer adoption and will help retailers scale their marketing to Pinterest’s 367 million users. The app is available now in the U.S. and Canada.

Google’s Martin Splitt said the Evergreen Googlebot is among his biggest accomplishments — and that we can credit him with the name, too — on Live with Search Engine Land Friday. He also discussed some of his biggest missteps and his refreshingly healthy view on mistakes: “We all work. We all make mistakes.” If you’re a developer or want to dive deeper into technical SEO, be sure to watch the full episode to learn how to avoid common mistakes with JavaScript and Google Search and more. 

Our two-day virtual SMX Next event is slated for June 23 and 24! Be sure to mark your calendars, and you can learn more and register here. While we’re going virtual now, we want to know how marketers are feeling about attending in-person events in the fourth quarter of this year. You can help by taking our (very) short survey — we’ll be sharing our findings every two weeks. 

Read on for a Pro Tip on doing the work to build quality links.

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Pro Tip

There are no shortcuts to building high-quality links

“Older link building tactics have much less impact now, mainly because once everyone catches wind that they work, inboxes everywhere become inundated with quick and dirty pitches aiming to achieve the same success,” explains Amanda Milligan of Fractl. “The issue has impacted top journalists, as well, who are now tired of the same canned pitch emails about why they should write a story about some shoe polish brand’s blog post. And black hat isn’t worth dabbling in, because a penalty can mean a critical hit for your brand’s revenue and reputation.”

“I haven’t found a single better way to build links on an ongoing basis than through original research and digital public relations. In other words, the best way to earn links from high-authority sites is to do your own industry research, studies, surveys as well as carefully curate a list of writers and craft personalized pitches explaining the value of the content for their audiences.”

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Webinar: How Marketing Teams Can Create Order During A Time Of Chaos

Project and resource management has never been more critical than it is during this challenging business environment. Finding ways to collaborate, plan and prioritize is vital. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to evaluate challenges and prioritize the work you’re doing now to meet business needs and develop a new strategy for how your business can emerge stronger from today’s challenges.

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Search Shorts

Search Console delays and core updates.

Search Console delay.  Google’s John Mueller said that any Search Console delays or reporting lags would be unrelated to the Google Core update.

Google security video training. In part two of the Google Search Console training around security reports, Google covers common types of hacks, social engineering tactics and other security issues that might make your site and users vulnerable.

International targeting setting. The region you set in Google Search Console may help you to rank a bit better in that region, but it won’t change how you rank in other regions, said Gary Illyes from Google.


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