Good morning, we’re on to day two of SMX Advanced.

In sunny Seattle yesterday, SMX Advanced brimmed with lively discussion, and, whether you’re at the show or not, you can participate on Twitter by following @smx or #SMX. We unveiled the bi-annual update of our Periodic Table of SEO Factors while, on stage, Barry Schwartz, Detlef Johnson and Jessica Bowman discussed what matters most for SEO success today. You can download our full Periodic Table of SEO Elements and report at

Did you hear about how The North Face and its agency covertly updated Wikipedia images with the goal of getting the brand to appear at the top of Google image search results? It backfired. We spoke to SEOs to get their take. The consensus? Not a good call.  

Microsoft Advertising’s Local Inventory ads are rolling out of beta early this month. Retailers with physical locations can now extend their LIAs in Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising campaigns fairly easily.

At WWDC this week, Apple announced several updates for Maps that play catch up to Google, including more details and a new street view.

Keep reading for Search Shorts and a Soapbox on Google’s change to “People in your targeted locations” from Steven Lusby of Local Vets Advantage Marketing.

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Pro Tip

There’s no getting around it. Managing Google algorithms and penalties require due diligence

“It is important to know that both algorithms and penalties can simultaneously affect a website. Their trigger signals can even overlap,” explains Kaspar Szymanski of Search Brothers. “For a site’s health and visibility in search – and ultimately commercial success – algorithms and penalties are relevant factors to be managed. This is why periodic technical checks and Google Webmaster Guidelines compliance reviews are a must and why periodic audits should be part of a company’s due diligence.”

“Neither algorithms nor penalties are to be dreaded. Experiencing an abrupt, unanticipated drop in search can be an opportunity to clean house. Once the shock dissipates, there is then an opportunity to grow both SERP real estate, Google Search visibility and CTR way beyond what was previously considered respectable results.”


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Live Webinar: Google’s Smart Bidding – it’s even more about the data- June 13

Sponsored by Crealytics

Google has reacted to Amazon’s market dominance with a Smart Bidding solution that is designed to simplify bid management and product advertising. Yet in an environment where an AI-driven solution is making all the bid decisions, how can retailers differentiate? Join Crealytics founder and CEO Andreas Reiffen as he discusses how leading retailers can survive – and thrive – using Google’s smart bidding technology.

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Is Google’s location targeting update a threat to local SEO?

I am extremely skeptical of Google’s “People in your targeted locations” change, but what are you going to do? Google gives whatever “G” wants. You can pay them or depend on word of mouth. Much like “Exact Match” or “Exactish,” as Search Engine Land so perfectly described it, this is yet another effort to take away control from the advertiser as Google shows its ultimate power. Now, my [Charlotte Lawyer Assault and Battery] geo-radius ad could show up for some guy looking for a car battery in California who just flew back from Charlotte and found his car was dead. Ultimately, this lowers quality scores, increases ad spend, decreases control and makes Google more money with yet another mafioso move. I firmly believe that free organic and maps are in danger of becoming second-page news. Changes might be slow, but gallery ads will change a lot of the front page headlines.

– Steven Lusby of Local Vets Advantage Marketing

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Search Shorts

SEOs are nervously watching the Google search results...

Google core update quiet. Since the rollout of the core update began yesterday, the SEO community has been wide open about looking for fluctuations in their rankings but so far, it has been relatively quiet on the chatter front.

Manual actions history.  Did you know Google shows you old manual actions so you have the history, but it may not work in the new Google Search Console?

18,000 pages is easy. Google’s John Mueller said it’s simply no big deal for Google to crawl 18,000 pages.

Crawl balance. Google uses crawl budget to find the right balance for how much they crawl your web pages.

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