Good morning, {FirstName}, happy 10th birthday to Bing!

Microsoft’s search engine turns 10 today. We’ll take a look back — and forward — on Search Engine Land today. For a fun throwback, here’s our coverage of Bing’s launch.

Over the weekend, you likely started seeing Google’s new look for mobile search results with favicons next to organic listings and black ad labels formatted in similar fashion. With most searches now occurring on mobile devices, any changes Google makes to the SERP can make big waves for paid and organic traffic. Now that I’ve had time to play around with it, I feel even more strongly that text ads have never looked more native. I’d love to hear your thoughts and — as we all start to gather data — early take on the impact: [email protected] or @ginnymarvin.

“Get out of the weeds.” That’s search marketing veteran Elizabeth Marsten’s advice for advertisers in the age of automation. We’re in the midst of a “search remix,” Elizabeth said in a conversation I had with her last week. “Amazon Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc.  — think bigger and get out of the weeds. The old ways of campaign management aren’t sustainable workflows,” says Elizabeth.

She and Steve Hammer are going to be talking about what’s new and crucial in SEM at SMX Advanced in Seattle next week, and I got some early thoughts from them. Steve says a testing mentality is going to be even more important. “I’d advise everyone to get super comfortable with filters, scripts and the like, because it’s a self-selected version of what’s to come.”

Google struggled with indexing issues last week, which means you may have faced organic visibility issues. Here’s wishing you a bug-free week.

Lots more below including a Pro Tip on remarketing opportunities, Search Shorts and more.

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Don’t miss opportunities to remarket keywords

“Remarketed ads are highly customizable, allowing you to segment visitor groups based on their page history and at what touch point they left your site,” explains Kenneth Andrew of Microsoft.  “Advanced data reporting also helps you determine how long a person’s cookie remains in your remarketing list, and what kind of ad messaging would be the most relevant to them. For example, if someone adds an item to your cart, but abandons it, you could send a custom remarketing message saying if they come back within two weeks, they get a discount. The possibilities are endless.”

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Search Shorts

Be different with your SEO...

Google Search Console speed report delayed. Ironic isn’t it? The speed report that Google announced at I/O is now not expected to be coming to beta testers any time soon. Google said “It’ll still be a little while before we’re ready to give access.”

Two for one. Google’s John Mueller said splitting up your single website into two different websites won’t result in twice as much search visibility.

Be different. In other Mueller musings, he said the good thing about search and SEO is that you can do things differently than your competitors and do well by being different.

Hacks. Doing workarounds and hacks to your CMS may not be a good long term solution for your web site and SEO efforts, Mueller says.

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