Did Hummingbird Eat Link Building?

Panda squashed bad content. Penguin froze low-quality links. And now, did Hummingbird eat link building? Hummingbird wasn’t just another algorithm update. It was more a re-tooling, behind-the-scenes adjustment to make Google faster and smarter. And it most likely opens the door for a lot more change to come. Let’s take a look at what Hummingbird […]


Valuing Keywords Based On Their Role In Conversion

Are you valuing all keywords equally, assuming they all offer the same benefit to your paid search campaign? That may be a mistake. Here's a cautionary tale that shows you how to assign appropriate values to keywords based on their role in the conversion funnel.


Tips for Turning Unintended Traffic Into Ambassadors

If you have a content-rich, optimized site, you’re likely getting a substantial amount of organic traffic from channels you didn’t plan on – visitors searching for something related to your business who briefly land at your site and move on. Rather than ignore this extra traffic, you should engage them as potential ambassadors and influencers. […]

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