Free Tool ‘HowsThisLookin’ Allows Webmasters To Perform Remote Global Searches & View International Results Pages

Those Internet marketers who work across multiple countries and languages may struggle with accurately tracking campaign performance in foreign countries. Webmasters can login to Webmaster Tools to filter search queries by country, but this doesn’t provide the full picture of what is happening with competition. Using just the Google + country TLD isn’t an accurate […]

Google Ads

Google Switches To Paid Shopping Results In 11 New Countries

Marketers outside the U.S. have continued to enjoy free shopping traffic from Google, despite the search giant’s big change to convert all results to paid listing ads in its home country. But that’s beginning to change for folks in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland and the Czech […]


Marketing With Social Media? Try Some Local European Networks

For online marketers, optimizing for social media has become not just interesting, but a must. All major search engines have embraced social media. And with Google incorporating Facebook content into its real time results the integration of social media and search is a fact. But social media is not just a “stand alone” feature. Many […]


Why Coming In Second Can Be A Good Thing

Sometimes being European can be very frustrating. Let me rephrase that: when it comes to internet, tech and search, being a European is very, very frustrating. Why? Because Europe always comes in second. Cool new things like Google’s Nexus phone, the iPad or even Bing are invariably launched in the US and Europeans have to […]


That Small Country In Europe Offers Big Opportunities

Are you marketing only to the larger countries in the world? That may be a mistake, and I’ll explain in this post, where I’m taking you to one of the smaller countries in Europe. The Netherlands is only 16,000 square miles, but still has 17 million people living on that small piece of ground, and […]

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