The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Baidu SEO

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, which makes it a very powerful channel for B2B marketers in the global market. As of November 2013, Baidu held 63.55% of the search engine market share in China. The other two big players in the market are 360 with 21.84% of the market and Sogou […]


Master The Management Of International SEO Services Vendors

Today, I’d like to address an increasingly significant and treacherous topic for global marketers, a topic which I believe is insufficiently discussed — vendor management. The issues surrounding vendor management are principally related to cost, quality and control. First though, we need to put the situation into its wider context. No global agency vendor actually […]


3 Reasons Why Deploying Hreflang Shouldn’t Be An Auto-Reflex!

I apologize for talking yet again about hreflang — but there is an important point I really want to make for those working in geo-targeting. For some, “hreflang” is becoming an auto-reflex, and that’s definitely not helping their international success. Allow me to explain why. A quick recap of hreflang first. Hreflang is an attribute […]

Google Algorithm Updates

Why Pay Per Click Is Such A Beautiful Tool For SEO

SEO and PPC fans often find themselves in different parts of the building, on different floors and sometimes on a different planet. This shouldn’t really be the case, but is. If you start to think of PPC as a device of SEO, it takes on a very different light and your own attitude shifts slightly. […]

Image Search

Multinational SEO & Traffic Estimation: Converting from the SERPs

It's now well understood that maximising your conversion rate is critical to compete in the most competitive markets, but what's often missed is how extending your conversion optimisation to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can influence your site conversion and increase the total available traffic from each search term.

Search Quality

Automatic Algorithms Are Fundamentally Changing The Shape of SEO

If search engines -- such as Yandex in Russia -- are generating their search query algorithms automatically using "machine learning," does that mean we need a re-think of SEO practices? What is "machine learning" in this context and how does it work? Yandex may be a "regional" search engine, but they're putting forward some challenging views of how search engines are developing and will develop in future!


Untangling The Confusing Search Scene In Asia

A raft of recent search engine developments in the Far East means the picture is not so wonderfully clear anymore. In Japan, Korea and China there have been signficant search engine market changes. Let's try and figure out what's going on?


Is SEO Integrated Into Your Localization Process?

For many, the question posed in the title of this post seems silly, often resulting in either a confused expression, or a “how dare you ask that question” look from localization managers. Yet over the past few weeks I have spoken to a number of localization and SEO managers at Fortune 500 companies who still […]


Choosing Domain Names For International Business

If you're choosing domain names for your business with the intention of going global, then you have quite a lot to think about. You might want to incorporate keywords in your domain name -- but how do you handle this across multiple different languages? Or you might choose an invented new word to be your domain -- but how do you check if that will work in international markets. A few simple checks prevent lots of pain!


Globalization For Small Business

Is going global too expensive or too complicated for small businesses -- or is the opportunity just the same for them as huge conglomerates? Indeed, is it possible that the opportunity is relatively-speaking even greater for mom and pop than for Mr. Big Corporation?


Mythbusting Global Search Fallacies

Do people really search in English rather than their local languages? That's what Google's Keyword Tool seems to be saying. So that must mean English is truly a "Lingua Franca" -- or is something even more mysterious going on with the Google numbers?


The Life Of A Dual Personality Keyword

The search volumes for keywords in Google's Keyword Tool are not always what they seem - especially if they have more than one meaning in different languages. How does the Keyword Tool deal with these and how do we avoid making incorrect assumptions about keywords?


It’s Time For SEO To Take The Lead In Localization Marketing

SEO and translation just don't seem to mix when marketing websites and the localization industry seems to be preventing progress and focussing on the wrong things. Maybe it's time the SEO industry was given more credit as the search and social marketers they truly are and firmly put in charge of how all website content is produced -- including that which is translated?

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