Local Businesses Need To Expand & Refine Advertising Approach

With consumers leveraging a broader array of online and offline media when searching for local business information — and increasingly relying on smartphones and tablets to conduct searches — local businesses need to expand and refine their advertising approach in order to remain competitive, according to new research released today by the Local Search Association. […]


Who Will Own Local Data? Search Engines, Yellow Pages, Aggegators Or Social Media?

Increased demand for local data, and with technologists who recognize a need for an authoritative local information database, suggest that we’ll soon see a landgrab for ownership of local data. A Techcrunch article in April articulated the Zeitgeist surrounding a local “database of places”, exciting a lot of talk around the subject. As many players […]


Is “Yellow Pages” Becoming An Obsolete Concept?

The term "Yellow Pages" has been a literal description of a business directory product and the name for the industry which has produced it for over a hundred years. Rapid evolution of internet media seems to be revoking the conceptual connection between printed pages which are yellow and sources for finding local businesses. So, is the "Yellow Pages" name itself becoming obsolete?


Brave New World For Yellow Pages: Google Nabs Marketshare, Strangles Local Directories

Earlier, this Spring, a number of local search marketers noticed that Google began displaying their 10-pack of local business listings based on searchers' geolocation when search queries didn't include a local search term. Matt McGee suggested that this would likely alter user behavior and reduce referral traffic to online directories. Stats show it may have happened. Read on about this "Brave New World" faced by internet yellow pages.


What Is The Role Of Video For Yellow Page Publishers?

Last month, I gave the keynote presentation at the Data Publishers Association (DPA) meeting in London. The DPA is made-up primarily of directory publishers: Yellow Pages, B2B directories, Classifieds, etc., and the topic for the conference was how video can drive online revenues for Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and other directory sites. Other presenters included […]

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