Facebook Graph Search Fully Rolled Out To All US English Users

It’s official. If you are based in the United States and use the English language version of Facebook, you now have access to the Graph Search product. Announced back in January, Graph Search has taken a good bit of time to fully roll out, with many changes cropping up along the way. As Matt McGee mentioned last […]


Twitter Launches Its Version Of Universal Search Results

Twitter is in the process of rolling out what you could call its version of “universal search results” on Twitter.com. The changes bring Twitter’s Web search more in line with the current mobile experience. Twitter announced the changes this afternoon via tweet: Search update on http://t.co/eNvqKTup1d: See photos & accounts in results + recent searches […]


Facebook’s Graph Search Then & Now: What’s Changed

Facebook has started rolling out Graph Search to all US English users, a move that comes about seven months after the product first launched to a small number of users in mid-January. Graph Search has gone through some changes since then, perhaps none more obvious than when Facebook changed the search box white to make […]


Facebook’s Graph Search Expands To All US English Users

Facebook is opening up its Facebook Graph Search beta to all accounts that use US English. In an announcement today, Facebook says the expansion is underway now and will continue over the next few weeks. You’ll know you have Graph Search access when you see the new search box above. Facebook first launched Graph Search […]

Google Algorithm Updates

The Future Of SEO in a Socially Driven World

If SEO is dead, social media will be, too, in another five years. So, keep calm and tweet on. Hold that thought for a second – I can explain. In today’s search world, there’s a lot of talk about how social is “taking over,” how “content is king,” and how search engine optimization is “dead” — […]


Want To Comment On Facebook? Now You Can, From Bing

A new Facebook/Bing integration today will further entrench Facebook data into Bing results. Users are now able to interact with Facebook directly within the Bing Search Results Pages, in more than the usual one-way, read-only context. When a logged in user performs a Bing search for a  query the social sidebar will show on the right rail outside of […]


Klout Integration Pushes Human Powered ‘Expert’ Answers Atop Bing’s Search Results

From Yahoo! to Facebook to Quora, social sites have long been struggling to leverage the Q&A format successfully. Today Klout officially enters the ‘social answers’ space with a unique proposition, integration with Bing search — outside of the social search bar and into a big bold listing within the main search pane. The new ‘Klout Experts’ product […]


Facebook Graph Search: The Good, The Bad, The UGLY!

Besides covering The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, we’ll also go into The How and The What of Facebook Graph Search, which launched in January 2013. Graph Search was hardly a surprise to many of us, yet its implementation to date has been interesting. If well-understood, it can be leveraged by marketers and brands; […]

Google Algorithm Updates

The Paradox Of New Vs. Old SEO

SEO is at a crossroads. Everything in the search industry is continually changing: Google is rolling out new algorithms, tools, and products; Bing is partnering with Facebook in ever more interesting ways; SEO toolsets are being forced to change their approach; and techniques used by SEOs are continually being re-visited to test their validity. Yet, […]

Image Search

How Facebook Made Me Search In Strange New Ways

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder who I know that has gone skydiving, lived in France, eats Chinese food, while mixing a smoothie with their new Ninja NJ600 Blender?” Apparently, this is exactly how we should be thinking. At least, the way Facebook sees it. Not to undermine that this could likely become […]


Facebook Graph Search Arrives To Challenge Google, Yelp, Foursquare & Others

After largely ignoring that little white box at the top of its interface for years, Facebook is finally getting serious about search. The company announced today a new experience that it’s calling Facebook Graph Search. It relies heavily on “Likes” and other connections to determine what to show as the most relevant search results for […]


Bit.ly Releases Search API To Discover Hot Stories & Discussions

Bit.ly announced a new set of APIs named Social Data APIs. The new APIs allow you to search for top stories in real time over the Bit.ly URL network. You can quickly see the top URLs and stories for any specific query right now, in real time. The three types of functions include: (1) True […]


The Hottest Reads In Search & Social In 2012

We already shared the news that Jordan Kasteler took home the top prize and had a second entry in our overall list of most read columns for the year, both of which appeared here in the Search & Social column, alongside several other worthy reads. In 2012, “social signals” became one of the most talked […]


New Search Engine Attrakt Focuses On Curated Content

Ever amassed a collection of Web bookmarks on a particular subject and then wanted to search through their contents? Delicious users will be familiar with link curating and sharing, but there’s no ability to actually search the contents of the bookmarked pages and sites. A few Florentines, mostly former colleagues from the Italian internet company […]


5 “Local” Search Engines You Should Be Targeting

We usually hyperfocus on Google Place search and Maps results, since they have such large market share. But there are good reasons for local businesses to be concerned with ranking elsewhere as well. So, here are a few other local search engines to consider, and a few tips for ranking effectively in their results. It’s […]

Google Algorithm Updates

Social Search: Dead On Arrival? Or On Life Support?

It’s the uber-powerful search marketing signal…  and marketers sabotaging it even before it’s had a chance to find a toe-hold. I’m talking about ‘Social Search’, the rising trend of social media-driven local search signals and the callous, narrow-minded and (in some eyes) borderline unethical way in which this potentially useful tool is being perverted by […]


Comparing Facebook Like vs. Google +1

Google’s new +1 feature was one of SMX Advanced Seattle most engaging sessions and, as a speaker, I have received a wide variety of feedback and questions. It seems this feature has fomented a great deal of speculation and inquiry. Here is a bit more food for thought. Like vs. Google +1: What Are The […]

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