What Local Business Leaders Must Know About Search Engines And SEO

When I write about SEO and business success, I often realize that I’ve touched upon a point that merits a column of its own. This is one such column. It will focus on the fact that online and offline marketing have grown inextricably codependent — especially for local businesses. How Businesses & Search Engines Have […]

Google Algorithm Updates

7 SEO Truths Every Business Leader Must Understand

If you’re still caught up in SEO practices and know how that worked in 2007, it’s time to get up-to-date — fast! Unless you catch up with recent developments in business and search marketing, you’ll get run over by the competition that’s zooming along at high speed. Here are seven SEO truths you can’t afford to […]

Link Building

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About SEO Costs But Focus On What It Earns

You’re at Victoria Park in Ontario, preparing to swing from an 80-foot cliff and fly 200 feet across Elora Gorge before rappelling down to the river like a human spider. Your guide asks you to pick a rope. Would you ask for the cheapest rope — or the strongest? Will you look for the shortest […]


How B2B Sites Can Align Their Website Strategy With SEM Tactics

A B2B website that does not drive traffic, promote the brand, deliver company messaging or convert users into customers represents a waste of online marketing investments. A good B2B website should help build a strong brand while educating relevant users on industry topics and promoting products and services. Fully integrating all SEM tactics with website […]


The Hidden Lever In Paid Search Optimization

There have been many articles written about paid search optimization, but there is one piece of the optimization puzzle that continually gets left out. The hidden lever in paid search optimization is prioritization. Prioritizing optimization opportunities is equally as important as doing the optimization itself. I have seen double digit increases in performance and significant […]

Link Building

Maximizing Go-To-Market Strategies For SEO

Working for startups and companies launching new products, features, and verticals consistently makes it very important to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and not make startup seo mistakes that many others make, including fortune 500 companies. The point is, you want to leverage the most out of the buzz, the press, […]

Analytics & Conversion

The Five Core Patterns Of Conversion Marketing

How many basic web patterns are there? If you were to boil every web site down to a set of core species, how many would you list? Would there be 500 basic types? 100? 50? How about five? Conversion scientists require some categorization and classification to do their job well. This allows us to simplify […]

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