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Now the news: Swirl, the 3D display ad format Google’s been testing since last year is now available globally for Display & Video 360 users. Higher engagement is the goal with interactive ads. With Swirl ads, users can rotate 3D product models, zoom in, touch hotspots, use a color picker and more in Swirl ads. Analytics on the ads include engagement time and type (rotation and expansion) metrics.

Last week, Google announced an update to its Ads policy that will prohibit products and services “marketed with the express purpose of spying” on others without consent. That includes things like nanny cams, GPS trackers and phone monitoring tech. The first things I saw when I read the policy update and started looking at current ads are loopholes. (Boy is that SERP for “nanny cams” monetized now.) How is Google going to be able to keep up with advertisers that tweak their marketing copy around these things? It’s not a nanny cam, it’s a pet cam! We’ll see how this goes. The policy goes into effect August 11. 

Read on for a Pro Tip on evaluating content with deep learning. 

Ginny Marvin,

Search Shorts

Service workers, JavaScript redirects and spammy links.

Service workers. Google Search has no plans on supporting indexing service workers, Martin Splitt of Google said in a Reddit thread.

JavaScript redirects. Gary Illyes from Google said you should probably avoid using JavaScript redirects, use server side redirects instead. 

Spammy links. John Mueller of Google said on Twitter “If you’re looking at individual spammy links that you’re not buying/building, then the answer remains the same: feel free to ignore them. If you’re losing sleep over whether Google’s ignoring them, feel free to disavow. Most sites never disavow spammy links.”


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Pro Tip

Use deep learning to review your grammar (code-free!)

We can use BERT fine tuned on The Corpus of Linguistic Acceptability (CoLA) dataset for single sentence classification, says Hamlet Batista, CEO and founder of RankSense. 

This model can help us determine which sentences are grammatically correct and which aren’t. It could be used as one of several proxies for content quality. 

It is obviously not foolproof, but can get us in the right direction.

Read how to do it »


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Are you looking for inexpensive seo services We can help you with that.|https://outLetonLine-michaeLkors.comwordpress theme