Good morning, Marketers, does your content go beyond the sale?

In discussing E-A-T, Jeff Selig, VP of earned media and analytics at Overdrive Interactive, says, “You should be delivering value.” Selig’s role encompasses SEO and social media. He recently sat down with Barry Schwartz to talk content, international SEO and how things have evolved.

“I think the whole concept of the funnel is misconstrued,” Jeff went on to say, “because when we look at asset type consumption and where people are in the funnel, you actually need to also flip that funnel. So it’s also the post-buying.”

For example, if you sell products that need to be installed, do you have detailed information on your site to help customers through the process? “You need to have the full stream, up to the sale and beyond….You need that breadth of content to really take care of everybody throughout the entire experience.” Watch the full video interview here.

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Read on for a Pro Tip on competitive analysis and more.

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Pro Tip

Now is the perfect time to do a competitive analysis

“As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to check in on competitors and review what they’ve been up to,” explains Andrew Dennis of Page One Power. “Search results are always changing, and if you don’t defend your rankings you will lose them. Keeping an eye on competitor keyword growth will help you spot potential threats before they become losses. If you see competitors making gains in areas where you’re slipping, consider: 1) Updating your existing page with fresh content and more depth; 2) Optimizing onpage factors; 3) Reviewing internal linking opportunities; and 4) Manual promotion for external backlinks. Whether you uncover new opportunities or identify potential problems, reviewing competitor strategies will provide valuable insight, and the end of the year is an ideal time to conduct this analysis.”

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How deep learning can reduce bias in advertising

Sponsored Content by Cognitiv

Algorithms, especially those that utilize deep learning in some manner, are notorious for being opaque. To be clear, this means that when you ask a deep learning algorithm to answer a question, the algorithm gives you an answer without any explanation of how it came to that conclusion.

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Search Shorts

Is SEO necessary?

Forget about the type of content. Google wrote some sage advice “Think less about the type of pages, and more about the quality of the pages that you want to have indexed. Are these the best versions of that content on your site? If so, then indexing sounds good.”

SEO necessary? Is SEO really necessary for sites that are built well?  Listen to how Gary Illyes from Google opined that maybe the “website owner is talked into something they don’t actually need.”

Subdomains. John Mueller from Google said: We try to understand if the subdomain is a separate site or a part of the rest of the domain, and treat it appropriately.


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