Confessed killer of Mexican women ordered held for trial



<pA Mexican man and his female companion were ordered held in prison Tuesday pending trial in the killing of a woman, though the man has confessed to murdering at least nine more and even claimed to have sold their bones.

<pThe couple was caught Oct. 4 carrying dismembered human remains in a baby carriage. The man told authorities that he had killed 20 women, but prosecutors say he could give specific information on only 10 victims.

<pThe prosecutors' office in Mexico<pAuthorities say the couple also faces charges of desecrating a corpse and illegal burial, as well as human trafficking for the sold baby.

<pThe man appeared in a leaked video of his post-arrest questioning openly discussing his crimes and saying he did them because he hated women. Authorities later confirmed the authenticity of the leaked video, which first appeared on social media.