This dinosaur-loving family’s baby announcement will have you roaring for joy


A mom and dad took their family’s love for dinosaurs to the next level as they suited up in T-Rex costumes to announce that a baby-rex is on the way.

Proud parents Nicole Berkley and Daniel Berkley of Aubrey, Texas, posed with their kids, Myleigh, 10, Montana, 6, Lane, 5 and Hannah, 4, in honor of a sibling who is due to arrive in April 2019.

“It’s our fifth baby, so I think we’re past the cutesy photos,” said Nicole Berkley, adding that everyone in the family is a huge fan of “Jurassic Park.” “We wanted something that was going to be really cute and really funny and fits our personalities, so this was perfect.”

Berkley told “Good Morning America” that this pregnancy is extra special for her and her husband. The newborn will be a “rainbow baby,” as the couple had gone through a miscarriage in February.

“I was so nervous… because it’s hard to get excited, especially after a miscarriage,” she said. “Once I went to the doctor, saw the first ultrasound, heard the heartbeat, we were thrilled. Everything’s going great.”

Berkley said she arrived at the idea to have a dino photo session earlier this year. Susan Garrett Photography captured the silly moment last week and shared the images on Facebook, where users are raving about the family’s creativity.

“I’m over the moon that it’s being received in the way that it [is],” Berkley said.

The Berkleys plan to incorporate dinosaurs into the baby’s upcoming sex-reveal party as well.