‘Go back to your f—— country’: Woman berates Spanish-speaking group


<pA woman verbally attacked a group speaking Spanish in a Virginia restaurant, telling them to "go back" to their country and "don't freeload off America."

<pThe video of the verbal altercation was first shared on Spanish-language station Telemundo 44.

<pThe news site reports that the main person on the receiving end of the rant was a woman who was speaking Spanish with her relatives visiting from Guatemala.

<pNeither the woman seen in the video engaging in the expletive-laced tirade, nor the Latina woman has been identified. Law enforcement said both are Virginia residents.

<pOn the video, the apparently-white woman can also be seen asking the group to "show your passports."

<p"Go back to your f—— country. go back to your f—— country, OK? Don't freeload off America," the woman is seen saying.

<p"You do not f—— come over here and freeload on America, OK?" she is heard saying. "I'm tired of this s—. It's the same as Sweden."


<p<p"From my understanding, both parties left after the incident," Kowalski said, noting that no charges were filed and there was no probable cause to make an arrest.

<pThe manager of Andy's, the Lovettsville restaurant in question, confirmed to ABC News that the incident occurred. The restaurant posted a more detailed response about the incident on the restaurant's Facebook page.


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<pThe post starts by noting that it is directed to "a Former Customer," and goes on to sarcastically thank the individual.

<p"Thank you for understanding that you have a right to express your venomous and vitriolic views — no matter how odious and ignorant — under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution," the post reads.

<p"Thank you for feeling sufficiently comfortable in those views to express them, thereby making a spectacle of yourself—and allowing all who witnessed 'the incident'… to understand what a vile and loathsome individual you are," the restaurant's post continues.

<pThe post goes on to thank the woman for "using profanity" and "disrupting" the rights of others in the restaurant, before concluding with a missive moving forward.

<p"Thank you — and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve — for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome," the post concludes.