Deputies lure escaped ‘mini horse’-sized pig back home with a bag of chips


<pWhen police in Highland Station, California, received reports of an escaped pig "the size of a mini horse" running through a residential neighborhood, they had to get creative — even a little cheesy.

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Add Animals as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Animals news, video, and analysis from ABC News.AnimalsAdd Interest<pIt was 7:30 a.m. last Saturday when Deputies Shelly Ponce and Ashleigh Berg of the Highland sheriff’s station were dispatched to an area where a large pig, said to look like a small horse, was reported wandering around the streets.

<p"When they arrived at the incident location, they located the pig, but had no way to gain control of the animal," the department said in a statement. "The deputies knew where the pig lived and devised a plan."



<pInitially, the two deputies were not sure if the black pig with white patches was friendly. So, they watched his behavior for about five minutes, first.

<pThe two were going to use a "hog tie" and create a leash to walk the pig home, but the animal seemed wary.

<p"We were afraid he would freak out if he felt that we were putting a rope around his head," Ponce said in a statement. "So I said we should just make a trail of food … it was obvious he was hungry and that’s why he got out of his house."




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<pBut the only food she had was a bag of Doritos. They decided to try it out.

<pOne chip at a time, they made a trail for the pig to follow.

<p"I put the first one down in front of him and he ate it," Ponce recalled. "He started walking towards me and I just started placing more chips down on the ground and he just kept following."

<pEven drivers on the street stopped their cars to let the deputies cross, she said. Finally, they lured the pig back home and gave him a little reward.

<p"We finally made it into the property and I gave him the rest of the chips that were in the bag," Ponce said.


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<pThe two were able to lead the large animal back inside the property and secure the gate, with nothing but the Doritos.

<p"It was fun!" Deputy Ponce aid in the statement.

<p"Crime fighting to safely securing a mini horse-size pig, we do it all," the Sheriff's department said.