Search Engine Land’s Guide To Bing

Microsoft has long offered its own search engine. However, it opened a new chapter in its fight against Google’s dominance by relaunching its search engine as Bing in June 2009.

Since that time, Bing has gained market share, though it remains far behind Google and even Yahoo. However, Bing also has cut a deal that will let it “power” the results that Yahoo carries. That will give it more indirect reach. Meanwhile, it continues to spend on marketing, which is even managing to get a few people to say that they “Bing It.”

Major Bing Services

Bing provides more than web search. Below are a few of our popular Bing categories, where you can read past coverage:

Bing: Our “everything” category for anything specifically to do with Bing, especially its search products and features.

Bing Mobile: Coverage of Bing’s efforts in the mobile search space.

Bing Maps & Local: Bing Maps is a serious challenger to Google Maps and offers an interesting array of “map apps” for particular searches.

Bing SEO: Articles from us about getting listed for free via SEO in the Bing search engine.

Bing Travel: Bing’s travel search has gained much attention, especially for its fare prediction service.

Microsoft adCenter: Stories about Bing’s paid search advertising program.

Microsoft: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Microsoft and Bing, regardless of subtopic.

Bing & Microsoft Resources

Bing runs a variety of blogs for various products. To keep track of everything, watch the official Bing Community web site.

Aside from the official resources, also check out these places that track Microsoft or Bing particularly in-depth: All About Microsoft, John Battelle,, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

The Full Bing & Microsoft List

Below is the full list of various Microsoft and Bing-related topics that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area:

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