Good morning, Marketers, and a happy new year!

“The possibilities are endless” is what I think to myself this time of year, and in retrospect, it has largely been true — even if the last two years have been quite “unprecedented.” As we approach the start of the third year of life amidst COVID, I’d like to emphasize that, at least now, vaccines are available and we know more about how to do our jobs despite the pandemic and its wide-ranging impacts.

Oftentimes, looking back on the previous year gives us some idea of what to expect for the year ahead. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the most significant updates, announcements and controversies of 2021 with regard to PPC, SEO and we even zoomed in specifically on Google algorithm updates as well. You can find links to those resources below.

On behalf of the Third Door Media team, I’d like to wish you all a safe and prosperous 2022! 

George Nguyen,

SEO 2021 in review: Endless updates, title rewrites, GMB becomes GBP and more

Despite facing a still-raging pandemic and a slew of updates, SEOs rose to the challenge. Here’s our recap of the year’s most important SEO stories and news.

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Google algorithm updates 2021 in review: Core updates, product reviews, page experience and beyond

Google had a busy year of search algorithm updates in 2021, but some might question the timing of many of those updates during an already super stressful year.

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The game has changed for retailers and brands online. It’s all about customer experience now.

Today’s eCommerce is no longer strictly transactional. Most legacy eCommerce sites don’t meet the expectations of today’s consumer. The “shop button” era has come to a close. Buyers expect rich commerce experiences with valuable content, in which they can learn more and connect with brands from any device or channel. Brands need to deliver a unified and a highly engaging shopping experience known as “experiential commerce.” In this guide, Acquia shares five strategies for experiential commerce to help close the content and commerce integration gap.

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PPC 2021 in review: Privacy and automation force advertisers to adapt

From the deprecation of broad match modified keywords to FLoC to RSAs becoming the default, PPC professionals dealt with a lot of change in 2021.

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Google rolls out placement exclusions for Smart Shopping campaigns

It’s unclear whether this feature will remain available once Smart Shopping campaigns are rolled into Performance Max campaigns in 2022.

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The science of SEO explained...

Download Search Engine Land’s SEO Periodic Table now to understand the key elements to incorporate (and avoid) in your SEO campaigns.

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Google now lets you place products at the top of your local and Maps listing

Google Business Profiles now let's you mark a product as special to pop it to the top.

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