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For years, one of the most popular components of our regular SMX – Search Marketing Expo shows has been the full-day workshops that allowed search marketers to really dig into topics like advanced SEO, conversion optimization, landing page optimization and Google ads.

That’s why we are excited to announce SMX Master Classes, a two-day event on March 8 – 9 where marketers can take one or more workshops on a host of core search marketing topics. Attendees can only attend one workshop live, but can purchase on-demand passes to as many as they would like. 

Here’s the lineup:

Hope to see you there!

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

SEO software tools: What marketers need to know

SEO platforms offer numerous capabilities that range from keyword research and rank-checking to backlink analysis and acquisition, as well as competitive intelligence, social signal integration, and workflow rights and roles.

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Google Ads releases disapproved ads auditor tool

This tool is for developers to integrate into their backends and helps you flag and delete policy violating ads across your accounts.

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PPC campaign launch checklist

Launching and managing a successful campaign takes time and planning. This primer from MoreVisibility will help orient you along the way. It covers audience and goals, channel selection and budget distribution, and campaign assets.

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3 ways to check technical SEO health issues on your website

Technical SEO is vital to keep your website healthy. At SMX Next, Ashley Berman Hale shows how marketers can review their site's crawl stats, rendering and indexing.

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Search incrementality: How paid and organic work together for better performance

Can you stop bidding on brand terms and rely purely on organic rankings? Probably not. At SMX Next, Jonathan Kagan shared how organic and paid can overdeliver together and how to evaluate paid search incrementality.

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The science of SEO explained...

Download Search Engine Land’s SEO Periodic Table now to understand the key elements to incorporate (and avoid) in your SEO campaigns.

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Why consumer privacy is Google’s ace in the hole

Google's ad business changes mean that advertisers should prepare and tap into their first-party data to stay ahead.

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