Good morning, Marketers, and a good Martin Luther King Day

The world has been crippled by a pandemic for nearly two years now, but in the midst of all of this disruption some good has emerged. The conversation about diversity and fair treatment of all, especially in the workplace, is far louder than it has been in a loud time. There is still a long way to go, but it’s important to recognize that progress while pushing for more.

The search marketing community is full of incredible and diverse voices, so in honor of the holiday we’d like to highlight just a small slice of the contributions BIPOC individuals are making to this industry.

Today we are sharing some of the intelligence that BIPOC speakers have brought to SMX.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

How marketers can adapt to Google’s local SEO changes

SEOs should prepare for the coming changes in local reviews, knowledge panels and mobile displays.

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5 ways to promote inclusion in your marketing organization

Inclusion isn't a given in many organizations. At SMX Next, Dr. Lauren Tucker shared how marketers can promote it.

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2022: The year of conversational commerce. Are you ready?

In a highly competitive e-commerce marketplace, retailers have realized that they need to do more than build mobile-friendly websites and dedicated mobile apps. The most sophisticated marketers are adopting a selling platform that has already taken Asia-Pacific by storm: conversational commerce. Conversational commerce allows customers to buy in-channel on Messenger and Instagram Messaging. Learn implementation specifics and best practices with this guide.

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How marketers can prepare for and respond to Google’s algorithm updates

Google updates its algorithms all the time, which leaves many marketers playing catch-up. At SMX Next, Crystal Carter shared how to be proactive when facing these changes.

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SERP trends of the rich and featured: Top tactics for content resilience in a dynamic search landscape

There is no single tactic that works in isolation. The SERP is so highly dynamic at the moment, that aiming for, or banking on a single part of the SERP is likely to leave you vulnerable to traffic disruption if/when things evolve.

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Become a master of search marketing in 2022

Say hello to the SMX Master Classes… live, two-day deep dives into your search marketing specialty, featuring actionable tactics and invaluable Q&A with industry legends.

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How to set up a simple Google Ads testing framework for continual campaign optimization

Regular PPC ad testing is easier than you may think -- and can come with big rewards and set you apart from your competitors

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