Good morning, Marketers, should we cut Google some slack?

I ask myself this question regularly because it’s likely that no company has ever had the influence that Google does. And, when Google gets something wrong, it almost always makes the news — whereas similar news from nearly any other company just doesn’t carry the same impact.

The difference, of course, is that incredible influence comes with serious responsibility — ad auctions and ranking algorithms need to be fair and user privacy needs to be protected. Three of the articles you’ll find below touch upon these aspects: The deduplication of Top Stories content speaks to scraped content and publisher concerns, the increased focus on adult ad policy enforcement touches upon fair competition and the proposed surveillance advertising bill is a rare instance in which Google and marketers agree.

Almost everytime I ask myself if we, as search marketers, should be more understanding of Google’s missteps, I come to the same conclusion: No. We want to compete on a level playing field. We want a better, safer internet both to conduct business in but also for ourselves as users. Google has that influence (just look at how much its algorithms have made page speed a priority for site owners) and, by keeping a watchful eye over it (and other influential platforms), we can do our part in moving towards that future.

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Google explains how it deduplicates Top Stories from main search results

Content that appears in the first slot of the Top Stories section may be deduplicated from the main results if the Top Stories box appears before the main results.

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Marketers, Google agree that proposed ‘surveillance advertising’ ban goes too far

Legislation like this could be a game-changer for every digital marketer who advertises on Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms.

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Big data gives way to more flexibility

While the power and scalability of this Big Data was undeniable in terms of interacting with consumers, it also presented previously unforeseen issues like accessibility and actionability. With all this new data, how would a brand orchestrate and track touchpoints across solutions in order to form actionable insights and generate tangible revenue? The power is there, but harnessing it was still an unknown.

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Google Ads’ updated Experiments page sheds campaign drafts and adds experiment sync

Changes from the experiment to the base campaign can also be applied with a single click.

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Why your website needs Site Search

Did you know that 5-25% of all your site visitors use your Site Search bar? Did you know that Site Search visitors are more likely to make a purchase “today?” Site Search is the single most important piece of technology on your site that is used by visitors and customers to tell you exactly what they’re looking for, and in return, they expect results.

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Google heightens adult ad policy enforcement after Reuters finds illicit ads

“Spotty” enforcement can result in inappropriate ads being shown to minors and an unfair advantage for advertisers that slip through the cracks.

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Become a master of search marketing in 2022

Level up your SEO, PPC, and analytics skills with the SMX Master Classes — live, two-day deep dives led by search marketing legends. Get one for $199, or mix and match to save 15%!

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Google recipe markup now requires specific times, no more time ranges

Google has removed all references to using time ranges in the recipe schema markup help documents.

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