Good morning, Marketers, and beware the drop!

SEO — and all of marketing really — most days can feel like your favorite roller coaster or thrill ride. You know, sort of like the Tower of Tower at DisneyWorld (one of my all-time favorites). You do all the things to get your site or your clients’ sites as high up as you possibly can in Google (or insert channel here). Then, the bottom falls out. Suddenly. Without warning.

What happened? Is it something you did? (Couldn’t be!) Google did? (Quite possibly!) Or even something your client — or another person at your company — did without telling you? (All signs point to yes!) Now, you have to find out.

Because everyone, at some point, will experience the drop. It’s scary. It’s breath-taking. It might make you scream in horror. But in just a few seconds, once you’ve recovered from that drop, it’s time for that exhilarating climb back up. Ready to do it all over again! I hope so. Because we’re all on one marketing rollercoaster together — and this thrill ride never ends. 

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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Webinar: 3 Ways to Conquer Your Paid Search Competition in 2022

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Level up your SEO, PPC, and analytics skills with the SMX Master Classes — live, two-day deep dives led by search marketing legends. Get one for $199, or mix and match to save 15%!

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